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Martin, James. Via Regia. The Kings Way to Heaven. With a Letter of Is. Casaubon. 16mo. London. 1615.

Martin, Henry. The Independency of England, endeavoured to be maintained, against the Claims of the Scottish Commissions, in their late Answer upon the Bills and Propositions sent to the King in the Isle of Wight 4to. London. 1648.

Martin, Francois Xavier. History of Louisiana from the earliest Period. 2 vols. 8vo. New Orleans. 1827-9.

:-, . Digest of the Laws of Louisiana. See Louisiana.

Martin, John Paul. Triumph of Truth. 8vo. Boston. 1791.

Martin, John. Believer's Safety and Satisfaction. Funeral Sermon on the Death of Mrs. Mary Sturgis. 8vo. London. 1785.

Martin, John. Account of the Natives, of the Tongo Islands, from the Communications of William Mariner. 8vo. Boston. 1820.

Martin, Josiah. Letter from one of the People call'd Quakers to Francis de Voltaire, Occasioned by his Remarks on that People, in his Letters concerning the English Nation. 8vo. London. 1741.

Martin, John. Conquest of Canaan. 12mo. Frankfort 1811.

Martin, Hugh. Account of some of the principal Dyes employed by the North American Indians. [Amer. Phil. Trans. Vol. 3.]

Martin, Michael. Trial at Boston, for Highway Robbery, reported by F. W. Waldo. 8vo. Boston. 1821.

, . Life of. 8vo. Boston. 1821.

Martin, Luther. Modern Gratitude. 8vo. [1801.]

, . See Maryland.

Martin, S. Two Discourses, In the First of which is pointed out the Danger and Mischief of Self-Confidence. Being intended as an Introduction to the Second, In which the Scripture of Justification is Stated and Explained. 8vo. London. 1760.

Martinus, Petrus. Syntagmatica Hebraea. 16mo. Rupellae. 1597.

, . VideUdall.

Martyr, Petrus De Insulis nuper Inventis. Vide Munsterus, Sebast

Martyr, Petrus" Vermilius. Defensio Doctrinae Veteris et Apostoticaede Sacramento Eucharistae. fol. 1562.

, . Loci Communes Accedunt Vita, Theses, Orationes et

Epistolae. fol. Tiguri. 1562.

. In Librum Judicum commentarii. ed. 2da. fol. Ti

guri. 1565.

In Duos Libros Samuelis Prophetae Commentarii.

ed.2da. fol. Tiguri. 1567.

In Selectissimam Pauli Priorem ad Corinthios Epis

tolam Commentarii Doctissimi. ed. 2da. fol. Tiguri. 1567.

-. In Epistolam Pauli ad Romanos Commentarii. fol.

Basiliae. 1568.

. In Primum Librum Mosis Commentarii. fol. Tiguri.


, . Regum Libri2 posteriores cum commentariis P. Mar

tyriset J. Wolphii Secundi Quatuordecim Capita. fol. Tiguri. 1571.

Martyrdom. A preparation for, in a Dialogue betwixt a minister and a Gentleman. 4 to. London. 1681.

Martvrologe Romain, Mis en Lumiere par le Commandment du Pape Gregoire XIH. 16mo. Lyon. 1681.

Martyrs, Fox's Callender of, Examined. 2 vols. in 1. By N. D. 16mo. 1604.

Marvel, Andrew. The Rehearsal transposed, or Animadversions upon a late Book, Intitled a Preface, &c. 2d ed. 12mo. London. 1672.

, . The Rehearsal transposed. 2nd Part. Occasioned by two

Letters. 4to. London. 1674.

Mary. [Queen.] Iterum: or the History of Queen Mary's Big Belly. 4to. London. 1555.

Mary, John. Anecdotes of Lewis XVI. tr. from the French.

Maryland. Laws of, with the Original Charter, Bill of Rights, Constitution of the State and that of the United States, with the Articles of Confederation and Declaration of Independence, collected and arranged by William Kilty. 2 vols. 4to. Annapolis. 1799-1800.

Maryland. Laws of, from the end of the year 1799 to 1817, with an Appendix containing the Land Laws and Resolutions proper to be published. Revised and prepared by William Kilty, Thomas Harris, and John N. Watkins. 5 vols. Svo. Annapolis. 1818.

• . Genuine Information delivered to the Legislature of tho State of,

relative to the Proceedings of the General Convention, lately held at Philadelphia. By Luther Martin, Esq. &c. &c. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1788. Laws and Resolutions from Dec. 1, 1817, to Feb. 15, 1820. 3 vols.

Svo. Annapolis. 1818-20. . Resolutions [relating to the Public Lands] and the object of them

considered. By a citizen of Maryland. 8vo. Baltimore. 1822. . Report by the Maryland Commissioners on a proposed Canal from

Baltimore to Conewago. 8vo. Baltimore. 1823. . Report of the Committee of Grievances and Courts of Justice of the

House of Delegates of Maryland, and on the subject of the recent mobs and Riots in the City of Baltimore. 8vo. Annapolis. 1813. Report of the Directors of the Maryland Penitentiary in Dec. 1828.

Svo. Baltimore, 1829.

Report of the Committee appointed by the Board of Directors of the

Maryland Penitentiary, to visit the Penitentiary and Prisons of the City of Philadelphia and State of New York. Svo. Baltimore. 1828. . Address to the People of, from their Delegation in the late National

Republican Convention. 8vo. Baltimore. 1832. ———- University. Address of, to the Public. 8vo. Baltimore. Masaniello. An Opera. In three Acts. 12mo. Boston. 1833. Mascarene, John. The Manufacture of Pot Ash in the British North American

Plantations Recommended. 4to. Boston. 1757. Maskelyn, Nevil. See Croswell. Mason, John. History of the Pequot War. With an Introduction by Thomas Prince. Svo. Boston. 1736.

, . The Same. [Mass. Hist Coll. 2d Series. Vol. 8.]

Mason, John. Remains of. 3rd ed. 16mo. Boston. 1743.
Mason, John. Self-Knowledge. 12mo. Boston. 1793. , . The Same. 12mo. Boston. 1800.

, . Essay on Elocution, or Pronunciation. 4th ed. 8vo. London.

1757. Mason, John Mitchel. Fast Sermon at New York, Sept 20, 1793, on account of

the Fever at Philadelphia. 8vo. New York. 1793. , . Oration before the Cincinnati at New York, July 31, 1804.

Commemorative of the late Major General Alexander Hamilton. 8vo. New

York. 1604. , . Appeal against the Denunciation of, against Rational

Christians. 8vo. New York. 1822.

, . Letter to him in answer to his Speech, at the 13th anniversary meeting of the British and Foreign Bible Society. By a Soldier of the

American Revolution, 8vo. Elizabethtown, N. J. 1818. , . Speech relative to the Resignation of his Pastoral Charge

in the City of New York. 8vo. New York and Philadelphia. 1810. Mason, Jonathan. Oration at Boston, March 6, 1780. 4to. Boston. 1780. Mason, Thomas. Thanksgiving Sermon at Northfield, [Mass.] Nov. 29, 181M.

Svo. Greenfield. 1824. Mason, Henry. Poetry: a Poem before the Franklin Debating Society. 7th

Anniversary at Boston, Jan. 17, 1830. 8vo. Boston. 1830. Mason, Ebenezer. Last Words of. 8vo. Dedham, Mass. 1802.

, . The Same. 3rd ed. 12mo. Dedham. 1802.

Mason, William Powell. Oration at Boston, July 4, 1827. 8vo. Boston. 1827. , . Report of the Case of Jeune Eugene, determined in

Boston, Dec. 1821. Svo. Boston. 1822. Mason, Moses, Jun. Oration at Bethel, [Me.] July 4,1809. 12mo. Sutton, Mass.

Mason, Lowell. Address at Boston,', Oct 7, 1826, on Church Music. 8vo. Boston.

Masonry. Constitutions of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, &c. 4to. Worcester. 1792.

— . The Old Constitutions Belonging to the Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Masons. 12mo. London. 1722.

Rules and Orders for establishing a Fund of Charity, for the Relief

of Free Masons, &c. 4to. Boston. 1774.

Jachin and Boaz; or an authentic Key to the Door of Freemasonry.

8vo. London. 1776.

. The Same. 12mo. Boston. 1825.

Constitution of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the United States.

12mo. Hartford. 1794.

. The Same. 12mo. Albany. 1799.

Observations on Free Masonry, by a Lady in Worcester. 8vo. Wor

cester. 1798.

. Miscellaneous Observations on. By a Brother. 8vo. Boston. 1798.

Narrative of the Facts and Circumstances relative to the Kidnapping

and presumed murder of William Morgan. 12mo. Brookfield, Mass. 1827. Proceedings of the Convention of Delegates opposed to Freemasonry,

at Le Roy, N. Y. March 6, 1828. 8vo. Rochester. 1828.

Serious Call, or Masonry Revealed, being an address prepared by the

Antimasonic Convention at Woodstock, [Con.] 8vo. Boston. 1829.

More Light on, or Morgan Revived, with an Appendix. 12mo. Roch

ester. 1827.

. Strictures on Seceding Masons, &c. 12mo. Boston. 1830.

Calvin Phillio's Light on Masonry and Anti-Masonry, and a Renun

ciation of Both. 12mo. Providence, R. I. 1831.

Proceedings of the Antimasonic Convention, at Boston, Dec. 30,31,

1829, and Jan. 1, 1830. 8vo. Boston. 1830.

Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention, at Phila

delphia, Sept 11,1830. 8vo. Philadelphia, New York, Albany, Utica, Ithaca, Hartford and Boston. 1832.

Proceedings of the Second United States Anti-Masonic Convention at

Baltimore, Sept 1831. 8vo. Boston. 1830.

Brief Report of the Debates in the above Convention. 8vo. Boston.


Address to the People of the United States by the Convention held

at Philadelphia, Sept 11, 1830. 8vo. Philadelphia.

Important correspondence between the Suffolk Committee, Harvard

University and the Andover Theological Institution, on the Antiquity of Free Masonry. 12mo. Boston. 1829.

. Anti-Masonic Tracts. Nos. 4 and 5. 8vo. Boston. 1829.

Third Anti-Masonic State Convention: held at Worcester, Sept 5th

and 6th, 1832. 8vo. Boston. 1832.

Rules of different Masonic Lodges, and communications to the

same, &c. &c.

Legislative Investigation of, before a Committee of the General As

sembly of Rhode Island. 8vo. Boston. 1832.

Massey, Christopher. Sermon at the Funeral of the Rt Rev. Spencer Lucy, at Charlecote, Aug. 11 1649. 4to. London. 1650.

Massachusettensis. Political Essays published in 1774-5. [By Daniel Leonard.]

. The Same. [In Seventeen Letters.] 8vo.

. The Same. 8vo. London. [1776.J

Massachusetts. The Book of the General Lawes and Liberties concerning the Inhabitants of the Massachuset, collected out of the Records of the General Court for the several years wherein they were made and established, and now Revised by the same Court, and disposed into an Alphabetical order, and published by the same Authority in the General Court, holden at Boston, in May 1649. fol. Cambridge, Mass. 1660.

. Severall Laws and Orders made at Severall General Courts in

the years 1661,1662,1663. fol.

. Same, for 1661,1662, 1664. fol.

Massachusetts. Same, at the General Courts in May 3, August 1 and October

11,1665. fol. . Same, at the General Court held at Boston, the 23rd of May,

1666, and on the llth of October following, fol.

Same at the General Court of Election, held at Boston, in New

England, the 29th of April, 1668. fol.

Order of the General Court of April 29, 1668, for the banishment

of Thomas Gould, Wm. Turner, and John Farnham, Senior, being Obstinate and Turbulent Anabaptists. fol.

Several Laws and Orders made at the General Court held at

Boston, in New England, October 14, 1608. fol. Cambridge. 1668.

The General Laws and Liberties of the Massachusetts Colony

in New England, Revised and Reprinted by order of the General Court holden at Boston, May 15, 1672. fol. Cambridge. 1675.

Laws for 1672, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1681, 2, 3 and 4. fol.

The Charter Granted by their Majesties King William and

Queen Mary. fol. Boston. 16i)2.

The Same. fol. Boston. 1699.

The Same. fol. Boston. 1726.

Laws from June 8,1692 to 1708. fol. Boston.

Acts and Laws of his Majesties Province of the Massachusetts

Bay in New England. Reprinted by order of the Governor and Council, fol. Boston. 1699.

A Faithful Monitor. Offering an Abstract of the Laws in the

Province of, against those Disorders, &c. 12mo. Boston. 1704.

Acts and Laws of. Reprinted by Order of Government fol.

Boston. 1726.

Same, with the Laws from 1726 to May 1735. fol. Boston.


Acts and Laws. Printed by Order of Government fol. Bos

ton. 1742-3.

Acts and Laws. Printed by Order of Government fol. Bos

ton. 1759.

Same, with the Laws from 1759 to June 1770. fol. Boston.


Temporary Acts and Laws from May 1736 to 1763, with the con

tinuation of them to May 1775. fol. Boston. 1763-75.

Temporary Acts and Laws from May 1736, to the end of the

Sept Session, 1755, with the Continuation to Sept 1757. fol. Boston. 1755-7.

Acts and Laws from July 19,1775 to Oct 3, 1780. fol. Water- town and Boston. 1775-80.

Perpetual Laws, from the Commencement of the Constitution in

1780, to May 1789, with the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution of the State, Treaty of Peace between Great Britain and America, and the Constitution of the United States, fol. Boston. 1789. . Acts and Laws from May 31, 1786 to March 9,1792. fol. Boston. 1786-92.

Perpetual Laws from the Establishment of the Constitution to

1788. By Isaiah Thomas. 8vo. Worcester. 1788.

Perpetual Laws from 1788 to Jan. 1799. By Isaiah Thomas.

8vo. Worcester. 1799.

Perpetual Laws from the Establishment of the Constitution in

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ton. 1807.

. Laws from Feb. 28,1807, to Feb. 29, 1812. Vol.1. New Series. 8vo. Boston. 1812.

General Laws from the Adoption of the Constitution to Feb.

1822, with the Constitutions of the United States, and of this Commonwealth, &c. By Asahel Stearns, Lemuel Shaw and Theron Metcalf. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston. 1823.

Massachusetts. Private and Special Statutes from 1780 to Feb. 23,1822. 5 vols. 8vo. Boston. 1805-23.

. Laws. [being nil the Statutes] from May 1805 to Jan. 1835.

. Journal of the House of Representatives from May 30, 1739 to

April 1, 1740: for February 1747; for the years 1755 and 175ti; from May 1759 to May 17t10; from Mav 1769 to April 1773; from July 19, 1775 to Feb. 20, 1776; from May 1784 to March 18, 1785. 5 vols. fol . Boston and Watertown. 1739-85.

. Resolves from 1781 to June 1806. fol. Boston. 1781-1806.

Journal of the House of Representatives for Jan. Session, 1808.

8vo. Boston.

. Resolves from 1806 to Jan. 1835. 8vo. Boston. 1807-34.

Rules and Orders of the Senate and House of Representatives

for 1807, 1827-8. 12mo. Boston.

Index to the Laws of, by Benjamin Whitman. 12mo. Worces

ter. 1797.

Compendium and Digest of the Laws of, by W. C. White.

vols. 8vo. Boston. 1809-10.

Report of the Committee upon Gov. Shute's Memorial, with his

Majesty's Order in Council thereon. 4to. 1725.

Collection of Proceedings of the Great and General Court or

Assembly of, relating to the Salaries of Governors. 4to. Boston. 1729.

Letter to a Gentleman chosen to be a Member of the Hon. House

of Representatives, to be assembled at Boston, Feb. 10, 1731. 12mo.

Letter to the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of, relating to

their approaching Election of Representatives. 8vo. 1739.

. Letter to a Friend in the Country. 4to. 1740.

Letter to the Freeholders, and Qualified Voters, relating to the

Ensuing Election. 4to. Boston. 1749.

Massachusetts in Agony, or Important hints to the Inhabitants of

the Province of, calling aloud for Justice to be done to the oppressed. By Vincent Centinel. 4to. Boston. 1750.

Appendix to Massachusetts in Agony. By Cornelius Agrippa,

L.L . 4to. 1751.

Some Observations Relating to the Present Circumstances of

the Province of the Massachusetts Bay. 8vo. Boston. 1750. . Address to the Freeholders and Inhabitants of. 8vo. Boston.


Some Observations on the Bill Intitled, "An Act for granting

his Majesty an Excise upon Wines and Spirits Distilled, &c. in this Province." 12mo. Boston. 1754.

. The Crisis. [relating to the Same Subject] 12mo. 1754.

The Good of the Community Impartially Considered, In a Let

ter to a Merchant in Boston, In Answer to one received respecting the Excise Bill. By a True Friend to Liberty. 12mo. Boston. 1754.

A Plea for the Poor and Distressed against the Bill for granting

an Excise upon Wines and Spirits distilled, &c. 12mo. Boston. 1754.

. The" Eclypse, [relating to the same subject] 4to. 1754.

Freedom the first of Blessings, (on the same subject) 4to.


. Conference between the Commissaries of Massachusetts Bay,

and the Commissaries of New York. 4to. Boston. 1768.

Considerations on the Election of Counsellors humblv offered to

the Electors. 4to. 1761. —■ . Chronological Table of the most Remarkable Events in, from

1602 to 1770. 8vo. Boston. 1771. . Manual Exercise as ordered by his Majesty in 1764, adopted by

the Provincial Congress. 8vo. Boston. 1774.

. Regulations of the Army of. 8vo. Salem. 1775.

Speeches of the Governors from 1765 to 1775, with the Answers

of the House of Representatives. 8vo. Boston. 1818.

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