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Fletcher, William. State of the Action brought by him against William Vassal for defaming him. 4to. Boston. 1752. Fletcher, Reuben. The iamentable state of New England: Being an Account of the Beginning, or Original of the Separartes. 8vo. Boston. 1772. Fletcher Robert, against John Peck. Copy of the Record in the Case of 8vo. Boston. 1808. Fletcher, Ebenezer. Narrative of his Captivity and Sufferings. 12mo, New Ipswich, N. H. 1827. Fletcher, John. See Beaumont, Fr. Fletcher, N. H. Discourse on the Subject, How far Unanimity in Religious Opinnion is necessary in order to Christian Communion. 8vo. Kennebunk, Me. 1827. Flint, Abel. Discourse at Hartford, [Con..] Feb. 22, 1800, on the Character of George Washington. Svo. Hartford. ISO0. Flint, Jacob. History and Description of Cohassett, Mass. [Mass. Hist. Coll. Vol. 2. 3rd Series.] —, --. Two Discourses, containing the History of the Church and Society in Cohasset, Dec. 16, 1821. 8vo. Boston. 1822. —. —-. Discourse at Cohasset, in which the Doctrine of the Trinity is Examined. 12mo. Boston. 1824. Flint, Joshua B. Address before the Massachusetts Society for the Suppression of Intemperance, May 29, 1828. 8vo. Boston. 1828. Flint, Timothy. Recollections of the last Ten Years, passed in Occasional Residences and Journeyings in the Valley of the Mississippi. 8vo. Boston. 1826. Indian Wars of the West. 12mo. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1833. —, Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie. 8vo. Cincinnati. 1833. Flint, James. Mass. Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1815. — —--. Anniversary Discourse at Plymouth, [Mass.] Dec. 22, 1815. 8vo. Boston. 1816. —, -. Discourse at Marlborough, Mass. Nov. 3, 1819, at the Ordination of Seth Alden. 8vo. Worcester. 1820. -. --. Sermon on the Death of Dr. Abbott. 8vo. Salem. 1828. Flint, Waldo. Address before the Worcester Agricultural Society, at Worcester, [Mass.] Oct. 10, 1832, 8vo. Worcester. Flint. See Flynt. Florida, West, See United States. Florida, Histoire de la Conqueste de la Floride parles Espaynols sous Ferdinando de Soto. Ecrite en Portugais, par un Gentil homme de la ville d’ Elvas par. M. D. C. 12mo. Paris. 1685. Florist. The complete Florist: or, the Lady and Gentleman's Recreation in the Flower Garden. 2d ed. 12mo, London. Florus, L. Annaeus. Epitome Rerum Romanarum, with an English Translation by John Clark. 4th ed. 12mo. London. 1746. ; –. Same. 12mo. London. 1692. Florus, L. Julius. Rerum a Romanis Gestarum) Libri IV, etc. 12mo. Oxoniae. 1638. —, -. —. Historiae Romanae Libri Quatuor. 16mo. 2 -- . Wide Livius, T. Floyer, John. The Preternatural State of Animal Humours described by their Sensible Qualities. 12mo, London. 1696. Floyd, Mr. See Indians. Flusser, Charles T. Masonic Address at Annapolis, [Md.) June 24, 1826, 8vo. Flynt, Henricus. Oratio Funebris in Obitum Rev. Benj. Wadsworth. Coll. arv. Praesidis. 12mo. Boston. 1737. —-, - . The Doctrine of the Last Judgment Asserted and Explained in two Discourses. 4to. Boston. 1714. Fobes, Peres. Sermon at Providence, R. I. July 31, 1791, occasioned by the Death of Rev. James Manning. 8vo. Providence. ,---. Sermon at Pembroke, [Mass.] Jan. 26, 1803, at the Ordination of George Barstow. 8vo. Boston. 1803. Mass Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1795.


Folsom, George. History of Saco and Biddeford, Me. 12mo, Saco. 1830. • - French and English Pronouncing Dictionary, Nugent and Meadows Improved. 16mo. New York. 1835. Folger, Peter. A Looking Glass for the Times, or the former Spirit of New England revived in this Generation. I?mo. Follen, Charles. Funeral Oration; before the Citizens of Boston, Nov. 17, [1832,] at the Burial of Gaspar Spurzheim. 8vo. Boston. 1832. Foord, Johannes. Expositio Libri Psalmorum. 4to. London. 1646. Foord. See Ford. Foot, Joseph I. Historical Discourse at Brookfield, [Mass.] Nov. 27, 1828. 8vo. Brookfield. 1829. Foot, John. Discourse, Jan. 8, 1769, occasioned by the Death of Joseph Hall, jr. who died Dec. 31, 1768. 8vo. New Haven. Fo James. Sermon before the Missionary Society, May 12, 1819. 8vo. Lonon. 1819. Foote, Mr. Letter from him to the Reverend Author of the Remarks, Critical and Christian, on the Monitor. 8vo. London. 1760. Forbes, Robert. See Bradman, Ar. Forbes, Eli. Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1771. , -. Sermon at New Braintree, [Mass.; June 13, 1769, at the Funeral of Timothy Ware. 8vo. Worcester. 1784. , –. The Christian Ambassador. Sermon at Salem, [Mass.] Feb.26, 1784. With the Result of an Ecclesiastical Council. 8vo. Salem. 1784. , — Massachusetts Convention Sermon. 8vo. Charlestown. 1799. , —. Sermon at the Dedication of the Grammar School in Gloucester. Mass. 8vo. Newburyport. 1795. —. Sermon at the Funeral of John Low, Esq. 8vo. Newburyport.

* 1797. Forbs, James. The Christian directed in his race to Heaven. 16mo. London. 1700. Ford, William. Sermon at Constantinople, in the Vines of Perah, at the Funeral of Lady Anne Glover. 4to. London. 1616. Ford, Simeon. The First Fruits of David's Government. Assize Sermon. Feb. 28, 1653. 4to. London. 1654. Ford, Thomas. Singing of Psalms the duty of Christians, in five Sermons. 12mo. London. 1659. * . Autokakritos, or the Sinner condemned of himself. 12mo, London. 1668. Ford, Timothy. Address on the Physical Sciences, before the Literary and Philosophical Society of South Carolina. 4to. Charleston. 1818. Fordyce, James. Sermons to Young Women. 2d ed. 12mo. Boston. 1796. * -. Address to Young Men. 12mo. Boston. 1795. -, --. Character and Conduct of the Female Sex, and Advantages to be derived by Young Men from the Society of Virtuous Women. Discourse, Jan. 1, 1776. 3rd ed. 8vo. Boston. 1781. Fornicator. The Important Query, Whether Fornication is a Sin 2 Argued and Decided. By a Veteran. 8vo. London. 1751. Forrest, Michael. Travels through America. A Poem. 12mo, Philadelphia. 1793. Forman, Charles. Protesilaus: or the Character of an evil Minister, being a Paraphrase on Part of the 10th Book of Telemachus. 12mo, London. 1730. * Defence of the Courage, Honor and Loyalty of the Irish Nation, in answer to the Scandalous Reflections of the Free Briton and others. 12mo. London. 1731. Formula of Prescriptions, &c. by Sylvan. 8vo. Providence, R. I. 1812. Fornis, Edward. The Churches Request under Sequestration : Sermon. 4to. 1648. Foronda, Valentin de. Appuntes Ligeros sobre la Nueva Constitucion proyectada por la Magestad de la Junta Suprema Espanola, y reformas que intenta hacer en las Leyes. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1809. Forsey, Thomas, and Waddel Cunningham. Report of Action of Assault, &c. between them at New York, Oct. 1764. 4to. New York. 1764.

Forsyth, William. Masonic Sermon at Danville, [Vt.) June 25, 1798, 8vo. Boston. 1798. Forsyth, William. Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit Trees, with Notes by William Cobbett. 8vo. Albany, N. Y. 1803. Forsyth, Joseph. Remarks on Antiquities, Arts, and Letters, during an Excursion in Italy, in 1802—3. 8vo. Boston. 1818. Forster, John Reinhold. See Bossu. Fortiguerra, Niccolo. Richardett, ubersetzt von C. C. Heise. ler. Theil. 8vo. Berlin. 1808. Foscolo, Ugo. See Ortis. Foss, John. Journal of his Captivity at Algiers. 2d ed. 12mo, Newburyport, Mass. 1796. Foster, William. Sermon at Paul's Crosse, March 26, 1629. 4to. London. Foster, Thomas. The Scourge of Covetousnesse: Assize Sermon. 4to. London. 1643. Foster, Isaac. Sermon at the Ordination of his Son Daniel Foster, at New Braintree, Mass. Oct. 29, 1778. 12mo. Worcester. —--, --. Sermon at the Ordination of Joel Foster, at New Salem, Mass. June 9, 1779. 8vo. Worcester. -, --. Letter to Rev. Joseph Buckminster, in Reply to his Paraphrase of Romans x. 4. and to Mr. Foster's Sermon at the Ordination of his Son at New Braintree. 12mo. Worcester. 1780. —--, --, Misrepresentation and Falsehood detected and exposed, in answer to D. S. Rowland and T. Hinsdale. 8vo. Hartford, Con. 1781. Defence of Religious Liberty. 8vo. Worcester. 1780. Foster, Anthony. Documents relating to the Dissolution of his Connexion with the Congregationnl Church of Charleston, S. C. 8vo. Charleston. 1817. Foster, Benjamin. God dwelling in the Tents of Shem: or Believers' Baptism Vindicated. Containing Remarks on a printed Discourse of Rev. Mr. Fish, of Upton, entitled, Japhet dwelling in the Tents of Shem, &c. 12mo. Worcester, Mass. —--, —. Dissertation on the Seventy weeks of Daniel. 8vo. Newport, R. I. 1787. Foster, Daniel. His Doctrines Unscriptural, with the Result of an Ecclesiastical Council, at his Ordination at New Braintree, Mass. 12mo. Worcester. 1799. -, —. Sermon at Greenwich, Mass. Dec. 2, 1789, at the Ordination of Joshua Crosby. 8vo. Springfield. 1791. -, ---. Massachusetts Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1790. Foster, Dan. Critical and candid Examination of a late publication, entitled, The Doctrine of Eternal Misery reconcilable with the benevolence of God, by N. Strong. 8vo. Walpole, N. H. 1803. Foster, Joel. Oration at New Salem, [Mass.] July 4, 1797. 8vo. Northampton. 1797. Foster, Jacob. Two Short Discourses on Christian Peace, at Rye, N. H. Feb. 18, 1781. 8vo. Portsmouth. 1782. Foster, James. Additions to the First Edition of the Usefulness, Truth and Excellency of the Christian Revelation, defended against the Objections contained #al late Book, entitled, Christianity as old as the Creation. 8vo. London. 1731. Foster, Festus. Thanksgiving Sermon at Petersham, Mass. Nov. 21, 1811. 8vo. Worcester.

-, . Sermon at the Interment of Lydia, wife of Rev. Joseph Kilburn, at Wendell, Mass. Oct. 1803. 8vo. Greenfield, Mass. 1804. Oration at Hardwick, Mass. July 4, 1812. 8vo. Brookfield.

y -. Documents Elucidating the Nature and Character of the opposition made to him in Petersham. 8vo. Brookfield. 1817. Sermon at Petersham, Sept. 15, 1816. 8vo. Brookfield.


-, ---. Address at the Ichthyon Feast, at Greenwich Village, Mass.

Aug. 23, 1836, 8vo. Amherst. -, ---. Address before Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden Agricultural

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Society at Northampton. [Mass.] Oct 29, 1829, 8vo. Northampton. 1829.

Foster, Edmund. Sermon at the Ordination of Jonathan Osgood, at Gardner, Mass. Oct. 19, 1791. 8vo. Worcester. 1792. --, Sermon on the Death of Josiah Hartwell, at Littleton, [Mass.] 8vo. Boston. 1793. Mass. Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1812. * . Sermon at Littleton, on the Death of Dea. Daniel Kimball, who died May 24, 1813. 8vo. Boston. --, --. Sermon at Littleton, Dec. 4, 1815, on the completion of a Century from the Incorporation of the Town. 8vo. Concord. 1815. -, Thanksgiving Sermon at Littleton, April 18, 1815, for the Restoration of Peace. 8vo, Boston. 1815. ... Discourse at Westford, [Mass, March 3, 1808, before the Middlesex Martial Band. 8vo. Cambridge. 1808. Foster, John. Charity Sermon at Roxbury, [Mass.] Sept 16, 1799, 8vo. Boston, -, -, Discourse at Cambridge, [Mass.) Dec. 29, 1799, on the Death of George Washington. 8vo. Boston. 1800. --, -Infidelity exposed, and Christianity recommended. Sermon at Cambridge, April 11, 1802. 8vo. Cambridge. 1802. —-, . Sermon at the Installation of Rev. Joel Foster, at East Sudbury, [Mass.] Sept. 7, 1803. 8vo. Cambridge. 1803. —-, . Fast Sermon at Cambridge, April 5, 1805, 8vo. Cambridge.

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1805. —--, -, Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1809. -, -, Fast Sermon at Brighton, [Mass.] April 11, 1811. 8vo. Cam

bridge. 1811. -, -. Fast Sermon at Brighton, Jan. 12, 1815. 8vo. Boston. 1815. -, -, Sermon before the Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians and others in North America. 8vo. Cambridge. 1817. —--, . Sermon at the Installation of Rev. Ezekiel L. Bascom, at Ashby, Mass. Jan. 3, 1831. 8vo. Worcester. Foster, B. F. Practical Penmanship, being a Development of the Carstairian System. 8vo. Albany, N. Y. 1832. Fothergill, J. Rules for the Preservation of Health. 6th ed. 12mo. London. —, -. Account of the Putrid Sore Throat. 5th ed. 8vo. London. 1769. Fothergill, Samuel. Necessity and Divine Excellence of a Life of Purity and Holiness. 12mo, Salem, Mass. 1792. Fournier, M. le Jeune. Manuel Typographique. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris. 1764. Fournier, F. Ign. Nouveau Dictionnarie Portatif de Bibliographie. 8vo. Paris. 1809. Fowle, Daniel. Total Eclypse of Liberty, being an account of his imprisonment for being suspected of having printed the Pamphlet, entitled, “Monster of Monsters.” 12mo. Boston. 1775. See Monster. Fowler, Matthew. Sermon at the Funeral of Mrs. Anne Smith, wife of Mr. John Smith, Jan. 22, 1656, 4to. London. 1656. Fowler, Edward. Discourse of Offences. Two Sermons. 4to. London. 1683. * -. See Gloucester. Fowler, Bancroft. Oration before Yale College, Jan. 10, 1804, on the Death of Ebenezer Grant Marsh. 8vo. Hartford. 1804. Fowle, William Bentley. Second Report of the Monitorial School, Boston. 8vo. Boston. , 1828. Fox, John. Acts and Monuments of the Christian Martyrs, fol. London. 1583. Fox, John. Substance of Two Sermons at Woburn, [Mass.] soon after the Earthquake. 12mo. Boston. 1728. —, -. The Door of Heaven Opened and Shut 12mo, Newport, R. I. 1731. Fox, C. J. History of the Early part of the Reign of James II. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1808. Fo. John. Sermon before the House of Commons, Dec. 31, 1645. 4to. London. Foxcroft, W. J. On the Practical Importance of the Unitarian Controversy. 8vo. London. 1831.

Foxcroft. Thomas. Sermon at his own Ordination at Boston, Nov. 20, 1717. 16mo. Boston, 1718. I: --. Discoutise concerning Kindness. Sermon at Boston, Feb. 28, 1719-20. 12mo, Boston. 1720. - - Sermon at Newbury, [Mass.]Jan. 19, 1725–6, at the Ordination of John Lowell. 12mo, Boston. 1726. - - ---. Death the Destroyer of Earthly and False Hopes under the Divine Dominion. Sermon, Jan. 30, 1725. 12mo, Boston. 1726. ---...--. Sermon at the Boston Lecture, Sept 1727, on the Death of Rev. William Waldron, who died Sept. 11, 1727. 12mo. Boston. 1727. --, -i-. A Discourse preparatory to the Choice of a Minister. Substance of two Sermons at Boston, June, 11, 1727. 8vo. Boston. 1727. 2 -. Sermon on the death of the Hon. Penn Townsend, at Boston, 12mo. Boston. 1727. --, --. The Voice of the Lord, From the Deep Places of the Earth, Sermon on the Earthquake, Nov. 1727. 8vo. Boston. 1727. * . Sermon at the Odination of Zech. Thayer, to the Office of Deacon, at Boston, May 23, 1731. 8vo. Boston. 1731. -, Funeral Sermon, occasioned by the Death of Rev. Benjamin Wadsworth. 8vo. Boston. 17:37. —, -. Apology in Behalf of Mr. Whitefield; with Dr. Watts's opinion of Mr. Whitefield. 4to. Boston. 1745. y Letter to Rev. Mr. Foxcroft, being an Examination of the above, by A–C– and J– J– C– 4to. Boston. 1745. 7 Some Seasonable Thoughts on Evangelical Preaching, its Nature, o and Obligation. Boston Lecture, Oct. 23, 1740. 12mo. Boston.

- y -. Thanksgiving Sermon at Boston, Oct. 9, 1760, upon the Reduction of Canada. 8vo. Boston. 1760. See Walter:- Lord, B;- Edwards, J.;- Briant, L. Cleansing our Way in Youth. Sermon. 12ino. Boston.

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-, -. Sermon at Cambridge, July 4, 1721, after the Funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Hon. Francis Foxcroft, With a Poem of Rev. John Danforth. 12mo. Boston. 1721. The Day of a godly Man's Death, better than the Day of his Birth. Sermon, Feb. 25, 1722. 12mo, Boston. 1722. 3. . Two Sermons Shewing How to Begin and End the Year, After a Godly Sort. 12mo. Boston. 17:22.

-, -. The Duty of the Godly Among a Professing People, to be Intercessors and Reformers. Sermon, Feb. 15, 1721–2. 12mo.

-, . Funeral Sermon occasioned by Several Mournful Deaths, and j." %. Decease of Mr. John Coney, who died Aug. 20, 1722. 12mo. ston. 1

y Character of Anna, the Prophetess Consider'd and Apply'd. Sermon on the Death of Dame Bridget Usher, who died May 25, 1723, 12mo. Boston. 1723.

Sermon upon occasion of the Death of King George II. 12mo. Boston. 1727. -, --. Sermon at Milton, [Mass.] Nov. 13, 1728, at the Ordination of John Taylor. 12mo. Boston. 1728. --, --. Elithe Priest dying Suddenly. Sermon on the Death of Rev. John Williams, who died June 12, 1729. 8vo. Boston. 1729. 3. . The Pleas of Gospel-Impenitents examined and refuted. Two Sermons at the Thursday Lecture. 12mo. Boston. 1730.

y -. Observations Historical and Practical on the Rise and Primitive State of New England, With a special Reference to The Old or first gather'd Church in Boston. Century Sermon, Aug. 23, 1730. 8vo. Boston. 1730.

y , The Blessings of a Soul in Health and prospering to be supremely wish'd for. Sermon at Boston, March 3, 1741–2. 8vo. Boston.


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