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Foxcroft, Thomas. Sermon at the Thursday Evening Lecture, Boston, Jan. 30, 1749–50. 8vo. Boston. 1750. --, -, Sermon at the Old Church-Lecture in Boston, Thursday, March 25, 1756. 8vo. Boston. 1756. Framingham, [Mass.] Sketch of the History of [By William Ballard. Svo. Boston. 1827. France. Association of the Princes. 4to. London. 1617. See Louis XIV. —. Une Grande Voix du Ciel à la France. 12mo. 1725. —. Nouveau Guide des Chemins du Royaume de. 18mo. Paris. 1724. L’Etat de la, 5 vol. 12mo, Paris. 1727. His most Christian Majesty's Declaration, containing reasons for fitting out the Brest and Toulon Squadrons: in French and English. Svo. London. 1740.

Ordonnance du Roi. Jan. 1786. La Reine Dévoilée. 12mo. Paris' 1789. —. Gazetteer of 3 vols. 12mo. London. 1793. Projet de Constitution pour la République Francaise presente parla commission des onze, dans la Séance du 5 Messidor l’an 3, 4to. Paris. Same, in French and English. 12mo, Boston. 1795. —. Negociations at Paris and Lisle, 4to. [London. 1797.] Extermination, or an appeal to the People of England on the present War with France. Syo. London. Letters from. 12mo. Sketches of the History of, to the Present time, 1806, &c. By an American. 12mo. Richmond, Va. 1806. Short Excursion in France, 1814. 8vo. London. 1814. See French; England; United States; Prospect; Treaty. Genuine Account of the late Grand Expedition to the Coast of, [1757.] By a Volunteer in the said Expedition. 6th ed. 12mo, Boston. An Impartial Narrative of the last Expedition to the Coast of. By an Eye Witness. 8vo. London. 1758. . Report of the General Officers, appointed by his Majesty's Warrant of Nov. 1, 1757, to inquire into the causes of the Failure of the late Expedition to the Coast of 8vo. London. 1758. Letter from a Member of Parliament, &c. in regard to the last Expedition to the Coast of 8vo. London. 1758. Letter from the Hon. L–t G—l B– G. H. to the Rt. Hon. W-M P-T, Esq. &c. with his M–y's Instructions for the late Expedition to the Coast of. 8vo. London. 1758. Letter to Rev. E–y L–t G—l B–II. [on the Expedition to the Coast of..] 2d ed. 8vo. London. . Aux Consuls et au Conseil–D’Etat de la République Francaise. 8vo. Paris. An ix. Un Philadelphian. . Peace Republican's Manual ; or, the French Constitution of 1793, and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens, &c. To which is added, Debates on this Constitution in the National Convention, &c. 8vo. New York. 1817. Franckel, David Hirchel. Thanksgiving Sermon at Berlin, for the Victory of the King of Prussia over the Austrians, tr. from the Ger. 9th ed. 8vo. Boston. 1758. Francis, John W. Inaugural Dissertation on Mercury, &c. 8vo, New York. 1811. Francis, Miss. [Now Mrs. Child] Hobomok. 12mo, Boston. 1821. Francis, Convers. Errors in Education : Discourse before Derby Academy, at Hingham, [Mass.] May 21, 1828. 8vo. Hingham. IS28. he Same. 2d ed. 12mo. Boston. 1828. Address at Watertown, [Mass.] July 4, 1828. 8vo. Cambridge.

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1830. Franck, Augustus Hermannus. Sermon at Hall in Saxony, in 1708. 12mo

London. 1709.

- Historical Sketch of Watertown, Mass. 8vo. Cambridge.

Franck, Augustus Hermannus. , Nicodemus: or, a Treatise against the Fear of Man, tr. from the Dutch. 3rd ed., 18mo: Boston. 1744. , – —. Christus, Sacrae Scripturae Nucleus. tr. Ger. 12mo. London. 1732. Franckel, David Hirchel. Thanksgiving Sermon at Berlin, tr. from the German. 9th ed. 8vo. Boston. 1758. Francklin, William. Inquiry concerning the Site of Ancient Palibothra. 4to. London. 1815–17. Franklin, Benjamin. Account of the New Invented Pennsylvania Fire Places. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1744. —. The Interest of Great Britain considered with regard to her Colonies, and the acquisitions of Canada and Gaudaloupe, with observations on the Increase of Mankind, peopling countries, &c. 12mo, Boston. 1760. — Same. 2d ed. 12mo, Boston. 1760.

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, –. Of Stilling waves by means of Oil, Extracted from Sundry Letters between Dr. Franklin, W. Brownrigg and Rev. Mr. Farish, 4to. London. 1774. — Experiments and Observations on Electricity, with Letters and Papers on Philosophical Subjects. 4to. London. 1774. —. Way to Wealth. 12mo. Worcester. 1790. Same. 12mo, London. 1823. The Same. 12mo. Newburyport, Mass. Works, with his Life. 2 vols. 12mo, London. 1793. Same. 2 vols. 12mo. Huntington. 1800. Life, written by himself. 12mo, Montpelier, Vt. 1809. Same. 12mo. Boston. 1815. Same. 12mo, New York. 1825. Collection of his Familiar Letters and Miscellaneous PaBy Jared Sparks. 12mo, Boston. 1833. —. Poor Richard: an Almanac. On the Causes and Cure of Smokey Chimnies. [Am. Phil.

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Trans vol. 2.) —. Letter proposing a slow, sensible Higrometer for certain

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, –. Description of a new Stove for burning Pit-coal and consuming all its smoke. [id.] Conjecture concerning the Formation of the Earth. [id.

vol. 3.) New and Curious Theory concerning Light and Heat. [id.] On making large sheets of paper in the Chinese man


ner. [id.] —, -—. Queries and conjectures relating to Magnetism and the

Theory of the Earth. ...] y — Pennsylvania Gazette: Newspaper from Oct. 4, 1739 [no. 564.] to Oct. 31, 1765. , -. Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania from its origin; so far as regards the several Points of Controversy, which have, from Time to Time, arisen between the Several Governors of the Province and their Several Assemblies. 8vo. London. 1759.

, —. Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pennsyl

vania. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1749. , –. Some Account of the Success of Inoculation for the Small Pox in England and America. Together with Plain Instructions, &c. 4to. London. 1759.

, —. The Examination of Doctor Benjamin Franklin, before an August Assembly, relating to the Repeal of the Stamp Act, &c. 8vo. [1768.] , —. Two Tracts: Information to those who would remove to America. And, Remarks concerning the Savages of North America. 8vo. Dublin. 1784.

-, -–. The Same. 3rd ed. 8vo. London. 1784. Franklin, Dr. The Contract. A Comedy. 12mo. Belfast. 1776.

Franklin, John. Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the
Years 1819, 20, 21 and 22. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1824.
, –. Narrative of the Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar
Sea, in 1825, 6 & 7. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1828.
Franklin Rail Road, Company's Contemplated Plan of 8vo. Boston. 1830.
Franklin Institute. Annual #o of, together with the Charter, Constitution
and By Laws. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1825.
Report of the second annual Exhibition. 8vo. Philadelphia.

1826. Fraser, Charles. Address at Charleston, [S.C.] Sept. 19, 1834, before the Euphradian Society. 8vo. Charleston. 1834. Franzius, Wolfgangus. Animalium Historia Sacra. ed. 5ta. 24mo. Amstelodami, 1654. Frederick II. [King of Prussia.]. Posthumous Works of tr. from the French by Thomas Holcroft. 13 vols. 8vo. London. 1789. Frederick and Augusta. An Ode. By one of the People called Quakers. 4to. London. 1736. Free Briton's Supplemental Memorial. 4to. London. 1770. Freedom of Speech and Writing upon Public Affairs considered [by William Bollan.] 4to. London. 1766. Free, John. England's Warning Piece. Sermon at Newington Butts, occasioned by the untimely Death of Mr. William Allen, the younger, who was most inhumanly murdered by an Arbitrary Military Power, May 10, 1768. 2d ed. 8vo. London. . Anniversary Sermon at Newington Butts, in Surry, in 1769. 8vo. Boston. 1773. Freeman, Peyton R. See Dartmouth College. y —. Oration at Portsmouth, July 4, 1810. 8vo. Portsmouth. 1810.

Freeman, James. Sermons on Particular Occasions. 12mo. Boston. 1814.

--, . See Belsham, T.

Freeman, Samuel. Town Officer. 12mo. Boston. 1793.

-, -. Same. 3rd ed. 12mo, Boston. 1794.

-, ----. Same. 4th ed. - 12mo, Boston. 1799.
, —. American Clerk's Magazine. 2d ed. 12mo. Boston. 1795.
, —--. The Same. 3rd ed. 12mo. Boston. 1797.

—--, ----. The Same. 6th ed. 12mo. Boston. 1805.

—. Probate Directory. 2d ed. 12mo. Boston. 1803.
—-. Appendix to the Same. 12mo. Boston. 1818.
—-. Massachusetts Justice. 8vo. Boston. 1795.

y -. Same. 2d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1802. Freeman, Charles. An Account of Limerick, in Maine. [Maine. Hist. Coll. Vol. 1. rol. Word in Season to all True Lovers of their Liberty and their Country. 12mo, Boston. 1748. Freemasonry. Address in a Letter to the Seceding Masons from the Grand Lodge in South Carolina. 8vo. Charleston. 1809. See Anti Masonry. See Masonry. Observations on ; with a Masonic Vision. By a Lady in Worcester. 8vo. Worcester, Mass. 1798. Freidlander, Julius R. Observations on the Institution for Blind Persons. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1833.

y Address to the Public, on the first Exhibition of the Puils of the Pennsylvania Institution for the instruction of the Blind. 8vo. hiladelphia. 1833.

Frelinghuysen. Speech in the Senate of the Unite?"Saks, March 8, 1830, on Sabbath Mails. 8vo. Washington. 1830.

Free Trade. Essay on [from Blackwood's Magazine.] 8vo., Philadelphia. 1827.

, See Tariff.

Freherus, Paulus. Theatrum Virorum Euditione Clarorum. 2 vol. fol. Norimbergae. 1688.

Freinshemius, Johannes. Supplement of the 2nd Decad of Livy's Roman History. fol. London. 1659.

French, Jonathan. Massachusetts Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1796.

* Sermon at the Ordination of James Kendall, at Plymouth,

[Mass.) Jan. 1, 1800. 8vo. Boston. 1800.

* Evening Lecture at Portsmouth, N. H. July 31, 1805. 8vo.

Portsmouth. 1805.

• Sermon at the Ordination of Abiel Abbott, at Haverhill, [Mass.]

June, 3, 1795. Svo. Haverhill. 1795.

Sermon at the Ordination of his Son. 8vo. Portsmouth.

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3. Thanksgiving Sermon. 8vo. Andover. 1799.

—, . Sermon at the Ordination of Daniel Oliver, at Beverly, [Mass.] Oct. 3, 1787. 8vo. Newburyport. French, Ebenezer. Oration at Boston, July 4, 1805. 8vo. Boston. 1805.

Oration at Portland, [Me.) July 4, 1806. 8vo. Portland.

2 1806. French Charity, tr. from the French by F. S. J. E. 12mo, London. 1665. Prophets, Wonderful Narrative, or a faithful Account of. In a Letter to a friend. 12mo. Boston. 1742. Short account of the Crueltics of the French, in a Letter from Heideburgh, 4to. London. 1689. Schemes to drive the French out of All the Continent of America. 12mo. Boston. 1755. Republic. Plan of a Constitution for, In French and English. 12mo. Boston. 1795. Government. Letter on the Genius and Dispositions of [By Robert Walsh.] 2d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1810. French Republic. Characteristics in the Prophecies Applicable to, and Descriptive of the Power and Duration of, &c. 8vo. New York. 1798. French Revolution. Impartial Review of the Causes and Principles of. By an American. 8vo. Boston. 1798. : including a Story, founded in Fact, of Leontine and Matilda. A Drama. 8vo. New Bedford, Mass. 1793. Frend, W. Address to the Members of the Church of England, and to Protestant Trinitarians in General. 2d ed. 8vo. London. 1788–9. Freneau, Philip. Poems written between 1768 and 1794. 8vo. Monmouth, N. J. 1795. Fresnoy, Languet du. See Rawlindson, Rich. Frieze, Jacob. Divine Providence and Human Agency: Sermon at Marlborough. Mass. 8vo. Worcester. 1826. Frezier, Amadeus Francis. Relation du Voyage de la Mer du Sud, aux Cotes du Chili, du Perou et du Brésil. Fait pendant les années 1712, 1713 and 1714. 2 vol. 12mo, Amsterdam. 1717. Fries, John. The Two Trials of, for Treason and Insurrection in the Counties of Bucks, Northampton, and Montgomery, taken in shorthand by Thomas Carpenter. Pennsylvania. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1800. Frink, Thomas. Mass. Election Sermon. 12mo, Boston. 1758. —-, : Discourse at Giving the Right Hand of Fellowship at the Installation of Rev. Edward Billing, at Greenfield District, [Mass.] March 28, 1754. 12mo. Boston. . -. Sermon at Stratford, [Con..] March 23, 1757, at the Ordination of John Willard. Syo. Boston. 1757. Frisbie, Levi. Oration to Ipswich, [Mass.] April 29, 1783, on the Peace between Great Britain and the oited States. 4to. Boston. 1783. , - Euldo Character of George Washington, at Ipswich, 7th January, 1800. Soo. A wburyport. 1800. 2 Discouwe before the Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians and others in North America. 8vo. Charlestown. 1804. ---, . Thanksgiving Sermon Feb. 19, 1795. Svo. Newburyport. Frisbie, Levi. Inaugural Address in Harvard University, Nov. 5, 1817. 8vo. Cambridge. 1817. “

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Frisbie, Levi. The Same. 2d ed. 8vo. Cambridge. 1818.

Frothingham, Nathaniel Langdon. Sermon at Boston, April 19, 1818, on the Death of Rev. Joseph McKean. 8vo. Boston. 1818.

—-, --- --. Plea against Religious Controversy. Sermon, Feb. 8, 1829. 8vo. Boston. 1829.

——-, -— --. Sermon to the First Church, at Boston, Aug. 29, 1830, on the close of their Second Century. 8vo. Boston. 1830.

——-, --- - Sermon on the twentieth Anniversary of his Ordination. 8vo. Boston. 1835.

—-, --- -. The Shade of the Past. For the Celebration of the Close of Second Century since the Establishment of the Thursday Lecture. Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1833.

Frothingham, N. Short account of the Conversion, Life and Death of 12mo. Boston. 1811.

Frothingham, Ebenezer. Key to unlock the Door, That leads in, to take a Fair View of the Religious Constitution Established by Law, in the Colony of Connecticut. 16mo. 1767.

Fo Edmund. Pantographia, Containing all the known Alphabets. 8vo. Lon

on. 1799.

Fuller, Nicholas. Argument in the case of Thomas Lad and Richard Mansel, his clients’ proving that Ecclesiastical Commissioners have no power to imprison, &c. 4to. London. 1607.

Fuller, William. Sermon before his Majesty. 4to. London. 1625.

» . Sermon at the Funeral of Lady Frances Clifton, wife of Sir

Gervas Clifton. 4to. London. 1628.

Fuller, Stephen. Sermon at Orford, N. H. May 20, 1801, at the Ordination of Sylvester Dana. 8vo. Hanover.

> . Remarks on that part of the Strictures on the Rev. Mr. Thacher's Pamphlet, which relates to the controversy between Mr. Fuller and the People of Princeton, [Mass.] 8vo. Boston.

Fuller, Thomas. Sermon, Dec. 3, 1625, after the Plague in London. 4to. London. 1626. *

Reformation Sure and Steadfast. Sermon. 4to. London.


1641. —, -. Historie of the Holie Warre. 4th ed. fol. Cambridge. 1651. —, -. Sermon of Reformation. 4to. London. 1643. —, --. Sermon at the Inauguration of his Majesty. 4to. London.

1643. —, --. Same. 16mo. London. 1654. —, -. Sermon of Assurance. 4to. London. 1648.

——, —-. The Just Man's Funeral. 4to. London. 1649.

——, —-. Life out of Death. 16mo. London. 1655.

—, --. Fast Sermon. 16mo.

. Triple Reconciler of 3 Controversies, viz. Whether Ministers

have an exclusive power of barring communicants from the Sacraments, wheth

er any person unordained may lawfully preach; and whether the Lord's Prayer

ought not to be used by all Christians. 8vo. London. 1654.

* -. Appeal of Injured Innocence unto the religious, learned, and

ingenuous reader, betwixt the Animadverter, Dr. Peter Heylyn, and T. Fuller,

fol. London. 1659.

* -. A Pisgah Sight of Palestine. fol. London. 1662.

—, . Life of 16mo. London. 1661.

2 -. See Smith, H.

Fuller, Timothy. Oration at Watertown, [Mass.] July 4, 1809. 8vo. Boston. 1809.

—-, . Address before the Massachusetts Peace Society, Dec. 25, 1826. 8vo. Boston. 1827.

Fuller, Andrew. Dialogues, Letters and Essays. 2d ed. 12mo. Middlebury, Vt. 1811.

Fuller, Robert. Account of his Imprisonment and Sufferings. 8vo. Boston. 1833. 24

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