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A feature of The Improved Equipment Company's service that is valuable to you is our policy of assuring satisfactory results. Our work doesn't end when the sale or construction is completed.

The Improved Equipment Company's engineering staff has had varied and long successful experience in building and operating gas plants. It is ready at all times to consult with you regarding gas plant construction or operation.

Avail yourself of the "IECO" service. It is sure to contribute to the efficient construction and operation of your plant.

Information and estimate furnished on request.


Complete Coal Gas Works.

Horizontal Gas Ovens.

Silica Retort Benches.

Blue Water Gas Apparatus.

IECO Water Gas Linings.

Sole Licensee of the Doherty Bench Fuel

Licensee of the Doherty Washer Cooler.

Exclusive agent for the American Refrac-
tories Company, silica materials for gas
works service.


Gas Plant Engineers and Builders.


New York Representative for The Stacey Mfg. Co.

Cincinnati, Ohio.


Coal Storage For
Gas Plants

No other problem deserves or is receiving more thought and study. Coal must be stored when it is available. Failure to recognize this fact may mean shut-downs and great losses of time and money.

For storing and reclaiming the most efficient machines you
can use are

B-G Self-Feeding Bucket Loaders
B-G Standardized Belt Conveyors

These machines are manufactured by the pioneers in the
Loader and Portable Conveyor field. They have many exclusive
features. Correct engineering design, best of materials and
workmanship, fundamental patents, and years of experience are
some of the reasons why they are the machines for you.

The Conveyors are all standardized and made in units of three feet. The B-G Loader has a rotary disc feeder that places it in a class by itself—there's nothing like it.

Our sales engineers will gladly work with you on your material handling or coal storage problems. This service is free and involves no obligation on your part. Write today and get a copy of our Catalog G.


Barber-Greene Company >


New York Hartford

Philadelphia Buffalo

Norfolk Louisville

Salem Cleveland

Southern Branch: Birmingham,


Detroit Chicago St. Louis Sajt Lake City New Orleans

Indianapolis Milwaukee Omaha Los Angeles Tampa

Pittsburgh Minneapolis Kansas City San Francisco Savannah

Scranton Portland Utica

Ala. Canadian Agents: Muueent Limited, Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver

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Appearance can be judged in pictures, but only actual demon-
stration can show the efficiency of a heating appliance.
However, just as this picture clearly illustrates that the
Cabco Gas Heated Steam Radiators is by for the neatest
appearing heating appliance manufactured today, so does
actual operation demonstrate its complete superiority in
efficiency over all other types of heating systems.
Forty-four feet of radiation, with six pounds of steam pres-
sure, on eight feet of gas per hour means economy.
Nothing in the construction but cast iron, cast brass or
bronze means durability.

More than five hundred inquiries from one quarter page Sir
day newspaper advertisement means salability.
The single operation illustrates the simplicity. Mer

on and light the gas when heat is desired. The Cabco does the rest. For natural or artificial gas.

Recommend the use of Cabco Gas Steam Radiators in the HOME, OFFICE, STORE, HOTEL, GARAGE.

Display the Cabco and demonstrate it in your showrooms.

Consumers will buy it for its good looks, economy, big volume of heat and cleanliness.

Write us for complete details of the Cabco radiators and details of our gas company proposition.

Plant: GOWANDA, N. Y.


Cabco Iron Works, Inc. 0fficSTTSB$$

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Let Your Window

tell the "Pittsburg" Story

YOUR show window could not
be used to better advantage
than by utilizing it for a Pittsburg
Water Heater window display. It
certainly does tell the story.

There it is, right there, so people
can see how it operates. They
are amazed at its convenience,
the ease with which it works.
Only a turn of the faucet and hot
water is delivered to any part of
the house, quick as a wink.

Why, it's just like revealing to them a new use for gas! It is, in fact, doing this very thing.


Water Heaters

The beauty of it is you can't go wrong in so displaying and pushingPittsburgWater Heaters. Every Pittsburg Heater, whether automatic or tank, is guaranteed to do the work for which it was made. It has got to be so, because the good will which our national advertising is building must be safeguarded and maintained. It's good business.

There are lots of advantages in selling Pittsburg Water Heaters. Our Sales Promotion Department would like to tell you about them. Write for the facts today. You zvillflnd them good business tonic.

Pittsburg Water Heater Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.

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Detroit Heater

There's so much water surface exposed to the heat from the efficient bunsen type burner that the Detroit Heater's gas saving is 25 percent to 35 percent greater than the run of tank heaters.

The outside of the Detroit Heater is a water jacket which promotes gas economy and coolness of the room in which the heater is installed.

Armco Iron (16 gauge) construction and, in addition, a rust resisting coat of vegetable oil material, make the Detroit Heater corrosionproof.

Write us for a Detroit Heater and put it through its paces.

Its performance will convince you that it's the best tank heater in the country.

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Detroit Heater

715 Grand River Ave.
Detroit, Mich.

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Good reputation is a thing of vital importance to such an organization as the H. Koppers Company which constructs steel plants and by-products coke plants running into millions of dollars. The organization's very existence depends on the successful operation of their plants. Therefore there must be no doubt about the quality of the equipment used. The



has for a considerable number of years been considered standard equipment by the H. Koppers Co. It has been installed in Koppers plant at Joliet, Illinois; Woodward, Alabama; Youngstown, Ohio; Sparrows Point, Maryland, and Indiana Harbor, Indiana.

The VENTURI is ideal for measuring gas because the Meter Tube has no obstructions in the line of flow to become clogged or damaged and the high differential pressure obtained makes possible a powerful actuated and rugged register which also indicates and records the rate of flow.

Bulletin 86 gives full details and will be sent on request.


"Builders of the Venturi"

Providence Rhode Island

New York Pittsburgh Chicago Atlanta

Portland, Ore. San Francisco Toronto, Ont.

Ottawa, Ont.

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