If They Didn’t Talk to Daddy

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Page Publishing Incorporated, Feb 7, 2014 - Family & Relationships - 114 pages
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 If They Didn't Talk To Daddy is the story of Lanell, Victoria, Adrianna and O Kyle, the victims of their father's warped and brutal misogyny. Although outwardly happy and prosperous, with a stable home life, behind closed doors, the Kyles were a family plagued by abusive marriages and imbalanced power dynamics between husband and wife.

It all began when O was sixteen. Adrianna, the snoop of the family and the novel's narrator, notices her father started disappearing with O for long stretches of time. Her curiosity about their "special relationship" grows all the more insatiable when O's newlywed wife, Debbie, turns from a vivacious, excitable young woman into something more resembling a ghost after their marriage. Adrianna suspects something sinister, and when her intuitions prove correct, the mystery of how this otherwise happy family could be so torn up inside begins to unravel.

If They Didn't Talk To Daddy also tells the story of Diana, a single mother who, in spite of all odds, makes it in the worlds of real estate and infant's fashion. Diana serves as a brilliant counterpoint to the tragedy of the Kyles, proving that true happiness is possible on one's own. Told in an accessible, rhythmic vernacular, this novel will shock, dismay and delight readers in ways they will never forget.  

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About the author (2014)

 Markia Marlene was born at Queens General Hospital in Jamaica Queens, New York, on a day that kids look forward to every year, no not Christmas, but Halloween. When trick or treaters came to her house they didn't look for candy, they looked for the cake they smelled that her mother always baked for her. Her favorite sport was handball. Not a day would go by, when her and her friends didn't play, cause the courts stayed crowded, everybody always yelling winners or we got next, it was one of her joys as a kid. She attended and graduated with her diploma from Forest Hills High School. She wanted to be a CPA, but things changed and she went to California looking for work, but unfortunately that didn't work out and she returned back to New York where she worked numerous jobs, the longest job she had was with a big shipping company and she was there for 18 years, then the company downsized, letting her go. In between her jobs she got married to a man named Gregory and has 2 children, a son named Stefan and a daughter named Viola, 2 of the 3 joys of her life. Her 3rd joy is her granddaughter Toni.

God has been good, real good to me, all the time. One of my most favorite sayings is, ADVERSITY BREEDS TOUGHNESS AND THE TOUGH SUCCEED AND SURVIVE. There is always something or someone that will try and discourage you from what you want. The best thing to do is to is, take it in deeply and allow it to make you stronger and do better to do your best at what you want. Always remember GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES, don't sit around and say, i want to do this, or, I'm going to have that, without making an effort to make it happen, because then it won't, and you can't blame anyone but you. Always trust and believe that letting God know and asking God for what you want, you will receive in Jesus name it can and will be done, always.

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