Liberty on the Loose in the White House

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Page Publishing, Incorporated, Apr 6, 2015 - 32 pages

 Have YOU ever lost YOUR dog before? What is the strangest place you had to look for your dog?

If there were ever an adventure to go down in history it should be the day America Johnson lost her dog in The White House! Liberty on the loose in The White House is a fun filled story of Liberty, a sassy Scottie, who just had to break her leash and dash into The White House to check things out. America and her family were excited to be touring The White House on their vacation but now they have to find their dog before they get into trouble. Searching for Liberty was an education for America and her family about the most famous home in The United States and who lives there. Who knew a little pooch could cause so much commotion and laughter at the same time!

About the author (2015)

 MaryTherese (MT) Grabowski doesn’t just bleed red. Red, white and blue to be more precise! This only daughter of six children born into an Air Force family has a patriotic gene that has only strengthened with life experiences.

Grabowski’s imagination gave her a passion for writing and storytelling. After graduation from Wesleyan College with a degree in Communications, Grabowski spent the next twenty years in broadcasting. First on the air in radio and then as a reporter and television news anchor. The military and government were two of this award winning journalists beats, so telling those stories not only honed her skills it made her passion for patriotism and writing to help keep people informed grow.

She was lured from the broadcast news business into the military advocacy world where she spent six years defending Robins AFB Georgia and our United States Air Force at the local, state and national levels as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization. It was during this time that something life changing happened. Her then 13 year old niece wanted to go to Washington DC on a trip. Grabowski told her niece that they would vacation to DC. later in the year for a fun, but educational trip!

One day during the Presidential Campaign in 2008 Grabowski and Sam were listening to the radio in the car when a story came on about Barack Obama winning the Democratic Nomination. The news story was discussing who his potential cabinet members might be. Grabowski asked Sam, “Can you tell me who makes up The President’s Cabinet?” Samantha without hesitation responded, “Why do I care who makes his furniture?” Needless to say Grabowski almost wrecked the car. This bright, well-educated niece was serious. Grabowski quickly learned that most students don not seriously learn about government until they are a sophomore in high school. To the author, that was alarming as in two years, students will be eligible to vote.

After a restless night of sleep, the character America Johnson and The Spirit of America Series was born.

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