The Hidden Codes of God

Front Cover
Page Publishing, Incorporated, 2013 - 246 pages
From an early age James had questions that could not be answered by his parents, teachers, or preachers. His intense "thirst" to know more about life's most complicated questions not only causes friction within his family and teachers, but also casts James as social outcast until he is introduced to the Science of Christianity. In his high school years, James begins to uncover answers lifelong questions that previously eluded him, within this Science of Christianity. James' relentless pursuit to understand the complexities of life leads him to an esoteric and erotically eye opening journey in which he discovers "The Hidden Codes of God." James encounters society's unwillingness to listen and accept what he has learned about the energy of Love and the multi-dimensional Universe wherein it exists! This causes many failed relationships where lasting romance eludes him until he reconnects with a former soul mate, who not only understands and accepts what he has discovered but someone who desires to accompany him in his quest of "The Hidden Codes." As an adult, James owns and operates an award-winning landscaping business where his inspiration is completely drawn from his continual enlightenment. Ultimately, James comes to the conclusion that regardless of how they may be received, the codes that have been revealed to him must be shared and thus he is led to write his magnum opus.

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