The Last Warrior: Peter MacDonald and the Navajo Nation

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"MacDonald's efforts to bring power, justice, and the control of their own destiny to his people produced brilliant and unprecedented accomplishments. As tribal chairman, he was wise to the white man's ways and he would not play along; he would not be the white man's Indian. He fought the CIA and he fought the Congress. He made many powerful enemies, and when they had their chance, they nailed him. His detractors say he was corrupt. MacDonald says he was framed and held to a double standard. Emotions run high on both sides. Even today, stripped of office and sitting in prison, he remains a controversial and fascinating figure throughout the Southwest and in all facets of Native American political life. His is a very important voice, and his story goes right to the heart of the 500-year-old predicament faced by all Native Americans today - the struggle to maintain their social and economic integrity in a world dominated by an alien people whose values remain incompatible with their own." "The Last Warrior is a story rooted in the ancient Native American teachings of harmony with nature and ending with the ever-raging struggle over land, wealth, and power. Peter MacDonald, whose life is caught up at the very center of that struggle, takes us on an eyeball-searing tour of his two worlds."--BOOK JACKET.

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