Aboriginal Mission Stations in Victoria: Yelta, Ebenezer, Ramahyuck, Lake Condah

Front Cover
Hawthorn Press, 1970 - Aboriginal Australians - 120 pages
Sections on Yelta, Lake Condah & Ramahyuck revised versions of articles in Victorian Historical Magazine, v.33, 1962; 251-261; v.34, 1963; 29-47 and The Gap, no.7, 1969; p.13-30; Yelta, choice of site, names of tribes along Murray River (Muttee Muttee, Taatee Taatee, Kulkyne), population 1854, work of John Bulmer, after foundation until closure, 1866; Appendix A - Extract from 5th report of the Central Board appointed to watch over the interests of the Aborigines in the colony of Victoria, 1866; p.31-62; Ebenezer - Kapun-kapun-barat tribal country, opening up of area by Eyre, choice of site, visit of G.A. Robinson, story of William Wimmera, arrival of Hagenauer & Spieseke, education, diet, closure, 1904; Appendix A - Return of marriages 1881-1897; Appendix B - births, 1881-1900; Appendix C - deaths 1875-1901; p.63-93; Ramahyuck recommendations of William Thomas, background of F.A. Hagenauer, origin of name Ramahyuck, local tribes (Tarra-warr-ka, Woollambabellum- bellum, Moona-ba-ngatgrang, Noora-warango-bakoorang-yong, Boora-wreko-ba-daan); introduction of native girls from King Georges Sound as wives, historical events until closure 1908; Appendix A - Return of marriages 1883-1905; Appendix B - Births 1883-1906; Appendix C - Deaths, 1876-1906; p.94-117; Lake Condah, food, tribal ground of Gournditch-mara, foundation, choice of site, work of J.H. Stoehle; historical events until closure in 1918; Appendix A - Return of births 1882-1912; Appendix B - Deaths 1876-1912.

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