Petermann Journey

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Journey from Hermannsburg to Petermann Ranges, 1931; p.1-3; Finke River, sacred ground, corroboree site, hiding place for ritual objects, totemic site; Arundta and Pitjantjatjarra at mission; p.20; Approval granted to enter Reserve; p.25; Description of Button and half-caste Johnson; p.41-44; Middleton Ponds, Aboriginal mother and daughter Looney and Tum; p.49-51; Camp near Middleton Ponds, tribesman Lion unable to lace-up shoes; p.62; Ulgunna well; p.70-71; Drawings, near Ayers Rock; p.77; Native sinks, Etenerra; p.88; Natives located near Etenerra; p.90-91; Description of camp life; p.96; Mount Miller taboo to women; p.99; Spearing rabbit; p.109-113; Large gathering natives near Docker Creek, description, ornaments, hairdressing, reaction on seeing whites; p.118-124; Native camp, spear making, cooking, leg injury examined, circumcision and subincision, spear throwing competition; corroboree, singing, clapping sticks; p.127-140; Implements - yam sticks, cutting and scraping tools, coolamons, wooden barbed spears, wommera, stone knives, hand-operated spindle, notes on abilities and disabilities of the people, mock battle before corroboree, genital scarification; dance, singers, bodily contact, miming Kangaroo dance; p.142-150; Interest shown in watching white man bathe; return to Hermannsburg, corroboree, dingo, kangaroo dance; girls sent by elders to white camp; p.156-158; Intra-tribal fight over, woman Putta Putta Springs; p.162-163; Womens activities when leaving camp, Piltati Rock Hole; p.168-170; Dingoes, Mount Olga area; p.173; Cave drawings Ayers Rock.

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