Vocational Education Today: Topical Issues

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This book contains 13 papers examining topical issues in vocational education and training (VET) in Victoria, Australia. The following papers are included: "Vocational Education and Schooling: The Changing Scene" (Jane Kenway, Sue Willis, Peter Watkins, Karen Tregenza); "The Enterprise Approach" (James Mulraney); "VET Programs at James Harrison College" (John Bromilow); "'Great Organisations Dream Great Dreams" (David Gallagher); "An Investigation into the Impact of Mentoring Unemployment" (Barbara Hammond); "Issues Confronting Vocational Education in Victorian Schools in the Late 1990s" (Karen Tregenza, Jane Kenway, Peter Watkins); "Participant Pathways and Outcomes in Vocational Education and Training: 1992-95" (Peter Dwyer, Aramiha Harwood, Geoff Poynter, Johanna Wyn); "Paths to Pathways: Educational Pathways for Educationally Disadvantaged Young People" (Jennifer Angwin, Louise Laskey); "Enhancing Girls' Post School Options through Career and Vocational Education" (Jane Kenway, Sue Willis); "Vocational Education Programs: Managing Risk in a Risk Society" (Peter Watkins); "Reframing the Discourse of Skill" (Nancy S. Jackson); "Learning about Poverty, Disadvantage and Justice" (Basil N. Varghese); and "Spectacle in the Dark: Youth as Transgression, Display, and Repression" (Leslie G. Roman). Individual papers contain references. (MN)

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