The Health Care Solution: Understanding the Crisis and the Cure

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America's health care problems were initially diagnosed in the mid-seventies when the symptoms first became recognizable. Since then, the world's most sophisticated health care system has followed a predictable downward spiral and now, two decades later we can no longer dismiss the urgency of the situation. In a nearly unprecedented fashion, Americans from all walks of life have unified in their demand for health care reform. But as the politicians, insurance companies, and health care providers debate their various theories, and as the media scrambles to cover the resulting dialogue, the American public is often left wondering what to believe and who to trust. Every faction presents important issues that must be addressed, but Americans are interested in an even-handed plan that makes sense. Here, health care expert C. Duane Dauner presents a nonpartisan plan that's detailed, innovative, and fair. Dauner begins with an overview of the history of health care in America, explaining how the crisis evolved and why it's crucial that we begin fundamental reform now. Against this backdrop, Dauner lays out a plan for restructuring the way health care is delivered and funded in this country. The plan is unique in many respects, the most remarkable of which is that it limits the government's role to one of support through the implementation of corresponding policy. In a return to this country's guiding principles, the plan is anchored by common sense and assigns the American people control of their destiny. In addition, The Health Care Solution addresses the other aspects that Americans are most concerned with, including how to provide affordable, comprehensive, quality coverage for allAmericans, even those who work part-time, are out-of-work, or are homeless; how small businesses can actually afford to provide health benefits for employees; how the opportunity to make choices can be preserved; and how no one party - consumers, payers, providers, or government - will have to make unfair concessions. On the eve of reform, Americans are struggling to identify and understand the many complex issues that are part of the current health care crisis. As Dauner explains, if we as a nation understand the crisis and work together to implement the cure - health care in America can be healed.

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