Yorro Yorro: Everything Standing Up Alive : Spirit of the Kimberley

Front Cover
Magabala Books, 1993 - Social Science - 226 pages
Account of journeys with David Mowaljarlai to significant sites in the west Kimberley; includes associated mythology and religious knowledge - Wandjina, snake, celestial bodies, sun, weather, lightning, flood, clouds , insects, birds, kangaroo, sickness, culture heroes; stone arrangements; food preparation - kangaroo; mother -in-law relations; foundation of the law; creation beliefs and cosmology; origin of spirit children and conception; magical and healing powers of the banman (doctor/clever man) - cure of leprosy; after death beliefs and mortuary ritual; incorporation of christianity; autobiography of David Mowaljarlai - life on Kunmunya mission, recollections of J.R.B. Love, World War II; forms of dreams - Mowaljarlais visions - corpus Australis; world view; Appendix 1 - Features of a Wandjina; Appendix 2 - Waanangga, sugarbag; Appendix 3 - time periods - chronology; Appendix 4 - The body of Australia, corpus Australis; glossary of Aboriginal language.

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