'ky!': A Muslim Refugee Girl Is Bullied in Australia

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Rida Khalid is a Muslim refugee, bullied by two girls at school for wearing a hijab (Muslim headscarf). Desperate to evade the bullies, she seeks refuge in an old man's garden after school. At school, Rida meets an Asian girl, KY, who also loves books, but Rida soon dumps her for a gawky girl, Carmen, who teaches her about fitting in. To be accepted, Rida removes her hijab at school. However, she must wear her hijab whilst competing in the inter-school sports because her family will attend. Rida "throws" the first race because Carmen says, "Only nerds do well in sports". The sports master berates Rida for losing the race and points to KY who's made an extraordinary effort to get out of hospital to watch her run. Rida learns that KY is battling leukaemia. She wins the next two races and gives her winning ribbons to KY for good luck. Rida enters the State Athletics Championships but two athletics clubs lodge an objection to her hijab. The sports master's father is the man whose garden she's used as a sanctuary. He's also a retired Queens Counsel (QC) and Rida is shocked when he arrives to represent her at the Equal Opportunity Commission. Rida wins the case and the sports master hands Rida a note from KY at the State Championships. KY is in remission. Rida wins two of her three races and becomes the State Junior Champion. Haunted by KY's chemotherapy, Rida surprises everyone during an interview on national television.

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