Sins of Perigord

Front Cover
Murder of Crows Publishing, 2019
The sins of the founding father shall be visited upon those of Perigord. People are being savagely mutilated within Perigord. Everyone thinks that it's the work of wild animals, but Jason knows better, however the list of suspects, is as long as the dark history of the town itself. The Goblin King and his army, who are now free to reclaim the town. The mysterious Very, collector of Earth's most powerful weapons. Heinrich Perigord, more powerful than ever, who has designs for humanity, and the library they call home. Or is it the visiting rock band Sin. Their red eyes, and gleaming canines, a clear giveaway at something much older, and darker. And what does the threat of the Forge represent, and why does it hold the mystery behind Plato Wyngard's disappearance. Things are spiralling out of control, and nothing will ever be the same again.

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