Endangered Languages and Literacy: Proceedings of the Fourth FEL Conference, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, 21-24 September 2000

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Papers for the fourth Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL) Conference include the following: "Endangered languages and Literacy" (Nicholas Ostler, Blair Rudes); "Keynote Address: On Native Language Literacy: a Personal Perspective" (Ofelia Zepeda); "A Community's Solution to Some Literacy Problems: The Mayangna of Nicaragua" (Elena Benedicto); "Pathway to an Acceptable Orthography" (Francene Patterson); "Technology, Literacy, and Orality: The Case of Coeur d'Alene Language" (Gary Sobbing, Audra Vincent); "Building a Frame for Our Past: Contemporary Guatemalan Mayan Literature" (R. McKenna Brown); "The Future of Koho: Mon-Khmer Language of Vietnam" (Neil H. Olsen); "The Applied Linguist in Indian Country: Preservation and Revival of the Catawba Language" (Claudia Y. Heinemann-Priest); "How Do You Write Lisu?" (David L. Morse, Thomas M. Tehan); "Orthography as Literacy: How Manx Was Reduced to Writing" (Mark Sebba); "Four Orthographies for Forest Nenets?" (Tapani Salminen); "When You Choose, Must You Lose? Standard Orthography versus Dialect Diversity" (Blair A. Rudes); "Developing a Standard Orthography for an Oral Language: The Innu Experiment" (Anne-Marie Baraby); "Literacy Ideologies and the Future of Gascon" (Thomas Field); "Perspectives on Literacy in Endangered Language Revitalization" (Patricia Shaw); "Incorporating Literacy Style Prior to Literacy in the Elementary Tribal School" (Kristin Denham, Kevin George, Erek Rensink, Jonathan Sarr); "Literacy Ability and Practice in Peru: An Indigenous Account" (Kathleen Tacelosky); "The Bilingual-Bicultural Literacy Program for the Tarahumara of Chihuahua" (Carla Paciotto); "The Prospect of Taiwanese Indigenous Language Instruction in Taiwan: Looking at a Successful American Indian Community School" (Jiwas Bawan); "All Literate and Nothing to Read: The Problem of the Lack of Written Literature in Rotuman" (Marit Vamarsai); "Gaulish Literacy: A Dying Glimmer" (Nicholas Ostler); "Orthography, Lexicography, and Language Change" (Ivy Doak, Timothy Montler); "Limitations of Literacy in Bagri" (Lakhan Gusain); and "Semantic Barriers to Literacy in the Sierra Tarahumara" (Julia E. Lonergan). References are included at the end of each paper. (KFT)

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