Endangered Languages and the Media: Proceedings of the Fifth FEL Conference, Agadir, Morocco, 20-23 September 2001

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Papers for the fifth Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL) Conference include the following papers: "The State and the Global Marketplace in the Provision of Minority Media Services" (George Jones); "Local Language Media: What Does It Take?" (Paul Lewis); "Power of the Media for the Good of Small Languages: An Indian Experience of Enriching Diversity" (Lachman Khubchandani); "Language Protection and Cultural Policy in France" (Samira El Atia and Douglas Kibbee); "The Virtual Village Square: Media in Minority Languages in the Process of Media Diversification and Globalisation: An Example from Southern Carinthia (Austria)" (Brigitta Busch); "Maintenance and Promotion of Berber: The Role of the Electronic Media" (Jilali Saib); "Language in the Media Environment of the Florida Seminole" (Thomas Sawallis); "Indigenous Presence in the Nicaraguan Media: The Mayanga" (Elena Benedicto, Ely Frank, Pulinario Sebastian, Simon Avelino); "Promoting the Maintenance of Endangered Languages through the Internet: The Case of Tamazight" (Mohamed Ouakrim); "The Role of Language in the Construction of Ethnic Identity on the Internet: The Case of Assyrian Activists in Diaspora" (Erica McClure); "Frisian All over the World: The Unique Experience of One Year" (Onno Falkena); "Television News Bullesins in Forest Nenets" (Tapani Salminen); "Nyae Nyae Revisited: the Village Schools Project in Northern Namibia" (Joe Pfaffe and Susan Schulman); "Is Language Shift to English Imminent amongst Afrikaans Speakers in Rehoboth Gebiet?" (Annatjie Louw); "Funding an 'Ethnic Diversity' Public Access Television Program in the USA" (Helene E. Hagan); "The Use of Different Media in Reversing Language Shift: Nahua Illustrations" (Jose Flores Farfan); "Geographic Center for Interactive Interdisciplinary Information" (Mark L. Chamberlin and Heno Sarv); "The New Vibrations of Traditional Teueikan" (Bernard Hervieux); "Basque in the Media" (Asuncion Martinez Arbelaiz); Tarahumara Ritual Spectacle in Noriahuachi: Visual Metaphor Experienced Through Mass Media" (Julia Lonergan and Patricia Small); "Across the Andean Airwaves: Satellite Radio Broadcasting in Quechua" (Aurolyn Luykx); "Le sort de la langue berbere a travers la deformation et la transformation du nom propre berbere" (Abdallah El Mountassir); and "Silenced or Liberated: Endangered Languages in the European Union" (Helena Drysdale). Individual papers contain references. (KFT)

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