A Night of Gatecrashing

Front Cover
Welcome to Palomar City, a tightly-packed, overpopulated American mega-city. Over the last sixty years, a series of traffic control devices known as Gates have transformed this thriving metropolis into a pressure cooker of political and socio-ethnic tension that is on the verge of exploding. One of the only groups with unrestricted passage through the Gates are the emergency medical teams, nicknamed The Gatecrashers, who find themselves in the middle of a building conflict that threatens to tear Palomar City apart once and for all.In the last issue, we learned that Splitfin head of security, Kippie Moeketsi, was involved with the wetware-heist-gone-wrong that sent Hex Spencer and Natas Balthus out the window of the 44th floor of Splitfin Tower. Later Hex takes Dr. Stahl's advice and interview's for a job Gatecrashing with Ganesa Dispatch under the watchful eye of Rada Raja and Kippie demands that Dr. Dorazio return to work, or their plan is in danger of being discovered.

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