MT Darwin

Front Cover
Michial Sheehan, Nov 10, 2015 - Caricatures and cartoons
Children's book, Mount Darwin, Gold Mountain Bill and his mate pirate Pete working at Gold Mountain Bill's mine, an accident happened, the ball broke free and started rolling down the mountain , crushing everything in it's path. Look out Stokes, yelled Bill, look out yelled Olly, as it crashed through the water tank. Bonk as it hit Alma's pool. Smash though the horses stable, look out Pete said Charles as the ball crashed through the fishing shed and hits Pirate Pete's ship.Crash, Bang, Boom, Sir James from Fort Darwin saw all of the incident.Mountain Bill and Sir James decided to use the mountain as a water theme park. I am turning on the water, said Elsie, Bill and friends are the first to use the kayak run, there are rules at the park said Penny the theme park policewoman, whoosh down the water slides they go. What a ride in the washing machine said Wilbur. Get Professor Mevil, said Stokes at the gunner's post. What fun said Josey, Steph is the boss at the toddlers pool, have fun kid's she said. Benny's going bananas in the wave pool. Staff water cricket match, get ready to catch Scar, said Maggie. Fun in the water skate park, Roxy is rocking that armour, all good at the water skate park, said Sir James. All happy here, Mother, said Dance the cockatoo. Morris is cooling off in the Dam, Ahhh.Nancy is dreaming of the Olympics in the ice ring. It's mine said Jo, in the ice hockey link. Whoosh off the ski run goes Fran, late for lunch. The end.

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