Dream Wonderland: A Dream Wonderland Bedtime Story

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Dream Wonderland, Aug 19, 2016 - Bedtime
Dream Wonderland is a magical world of music and books crafted to help parents calm and settle their children before bedtime. In Dream Wonderland: A Dream Wonderland Bedtime Story a young child, Dreamer, and favourite toy, Diddy the elephant, go on an exciting adventure to the magical dreamtime world of Dream Wonderland. There they meet Teddy, Babbitt the Rabbit, Chanter the Fairy, Corniyou the Unicorn and Flutterby the Butterfly. In their joyful trip to Skyreach Castle, Dreamer and Diddy lose one of their friends. But with a little help from the creatures in this magical land, the friends are reunited and Dreamer and Diddy return safely to their bedroom for a restful nights sleep.Crafted by two Mums for Mums and carers everywhere, this is the first book in a series based on the original Dream Wonderland album.Recommended for newborns through to school age children, these books can be used as a relaxation aid in a regular pre bedtime routine. Along with the CD of children's lullabies the Dream Wonderland series is an excellent tool to have on hand for anyone with a little person in their home.Narrated eBooks are also available with highlighted text and a brilliant reading tool for early readers and tired parents who might like a chance to sit and listen with their child. To come in the series: Dream Wonderland: The RiverDream Wonderland: Cross Over the OceanDream Wonderland: SeasonsDream Wonderland: Our UniverseDream Wonderland: FamilyDream Wonderland: Hush, Go To SleepDream Wonderland: MoonbeamsThe Dream Wonderland album is available via CDBaby, iTunesand via www.dreamwonderland.com.auFurther information: info@dreamwonderland.com.au What parents are saying about Dream Wonderland?"A special keepsake for mother and child""What a beautiful collection, something I wish I had for my eldest two when they were younger""It's my go to gift choice for our family and friends"

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