Anti-Semitism of the Catholic Church: A History

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Xlibris, Mar 31, 2016 - Religion - 490 pages
This book reveals in considerable detail the two millennial history of the virulent anti-Semitism of the Roman Catholic Church. It demonstrates that the Church's persistent barrage of invective and derogatory allegations led to wholesale slaughters of Jewish men, women and children. Furthermore, under canon law the Jew had scarcely the right of existence, and could only survive under conditions of virtual slavery. Consequently, Catholics 'plundered and persecuted the chosen race until their lives became a curse.' This Catholic hatred of the Jew, the longest hatred in human history, peaked during the Nazi Holocaust. The book clearly discloses that the Church, at all levels, facilitated the ascent of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party, and enabled the 'Final Solution to the Jewish Question'. It veri'es that most of the major participants in the planning, implementation, and butchering of the Holocaust were born and bred Catholics. Signi'cantly, the book also reveals that, over the centuries, the Catholic Church has itself been responsible for the deaths of at least as many Jews as were killed by the Nazis. Yet the Church has never admitted, nor apologised, nor made reparation, nor been punished for its fundamental role in these diabolical sins. In conclusion, the book con'rms that this proclaimed holy institution continues to deny its unholy history.

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