Making Food Healthy and Safe for Children: How To Meet the National Health and Safety Performance Standards: Guidelines for Out-of-Home Child Care Programs

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Noting that feeding children foods that are nourishing and uncontaminated keeps children healthy and safe, this book is intended to help caregivers provide children with healthy and safe food, and meet national, state, and local nutrition standards. Chapter one provides a rationale for the book and includes tips for child care providers. Chapter two focuses on cleanliness and provides guidance on hand- and dishwashing and on keeping preparation areas clean. Chapter three addresses choosing foods that are safe to eat, protecting against choking and food spoilage, and preparing and serving foods properly. Chapter four addresses planning to meet children's food needs. Topics include child growth and development and appropriate feeding for every age group and health need. Chapter five addresses promoting pleasant meals including the physical environment, social environment, serving style, and children's food decisions. Chapter six focuses on helping children and families learn about food. Nutrition education for staff, children, and families is addressed. A substantial three-part appendix follows: the first section includes information on community resources and resource lists; the second section is directed at child care centers and contains information on menus, staffing, equipment, records, and kitchen access; the final section consists of materials for parents including helping children like new foods, food safety, and kitchen safety. (SD)

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