Handbook on Class and Social Stratification in China

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Yingjie Guo
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016 - China - 422 pages
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Much more than a simple compendium on the shape of social differentiation in China today, this ambitious volume takes on the earth-shattering shifts that officially swept away the concept of class (even as class contradictions grow ever sharper) and that replaced that term with 'stratum, ' in line with regime 'dreams' of 'harmony.' The authors offer us a kaleidoscope of history, politics, and much else interpreted through the lens of class, providing a sophisticated, elegant set of chapters. The work amounts to a virtual treatise on Chinese society today - most of whose contributions would qualify as high-caliber journal articles. The tome provides a vigorous justification for a resurgence of class analysis.'
- Dorothy J. Solinger, University of California, US

'China has witnessed extraordinary shifts in class structures in recent decades, affecting a fifth of the world's population. The Handbook on Class and Social Stratification in China is the most comprehensive book on this vital topic. It brings together the expertise of twenty academic specialists on China, who write with admirable clarity and insight on the various important aspects of China's social hierarchy. This book is a tour de force.'
- Jonathan Unger, Australian National University and Editor, The China Journal

'This Handbook is an ideal text for courses on class and stratification in China as well as an excellent introduction for readers interested in knowing more about China. It includes many interesting topics, it is clearly written and highly readable and it addresses the continuity and change of contemporary Chinese society and politics.'
- Xiaowei Zang, City University of Hong Kong

This comprehensive and interdisciplinary Handbook illustrates the patterns of class transformation in China since 1949, situating them in their historical context. Presenting detailed case studies of social stratification and class formation in a wide range of settings, the expert international contributors provide invaluable insights into multiple aspects of China's economy, polity and society.

The Handbook on Class and Social Stratification in China explores critical contemporary topics which are rarely put in perspective or schematized, therefore placing it at the forefront of progressive scholarship. These include;

- state power as a determinant of life chances
- women's social mobility in relation to marriage
- the high school entrance exam as a class sorter
- class stratification in relation to health
- China's rural migrant workers and labour politics.

Eminently readable, this systematic exploration of class and stratification will appeal to scholars and researchers with an interest in class formation, status attainment, social inequality, mobility, development, social policy and politics in China and Asia.

Contributors J. Andreas, M. Blecher, J. Chan, M. Chen, L. Chunling, L. Du, M. Gao, B.C. Garcia, D.S.G. Goodman, Y. Guo, R. Hasmath, P. Lu, S. Sargeson, M. Selden, W. Sun, L. Tomba, T.E. Woronov, X. Wu, S. Yu, Z. Zhang

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Edited by Yingjie Guo, Department of Chinese Studies, School of Languages and Cultures, University of Sydney, Australia

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