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Knjige Knjige 110 od pribli¾no 26, ki navajajo Iterative Methods for Optimization.


Desmond J. Higham, Nicholas J. Higham - 2005 - 382 strani
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Theoretical Numerical Analysis: A Functional Analysis Framework, Kolièina 13

Kendall E. Atkinson, Weimin Han - 2005 - 576 strani
This textbook covers basic results of functional analysis and also some additional topics which are needed in theoretical numerical analysis. Topics covered include nonlinear ...
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Kenneth Lange - 2004 - 252 strani
Lange is a Springer author of other successful books. This is the first book that emphasizes the applications of optimization to statistics. The emphasis on statistical ...
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Complementarity: Applications, Algorithms and Extensions

Michael C. Ferris, Olvi L. Mangasarian, Jong-Shi Pang - 2001 - 400 strani
This volume presents state-of-the-art complementarity applications, algorithms, extensions and theory in the form of eighteen papers. These at the International Conference on ...
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Nichtlineare Optimierung: Eine Einführung in Theorie, Verfahren und Anwendungen

Walter Alt - 2013 - 316 strani
Ziel des Buches ist es eine Einführung in die theoretischen Grundlagen, die numerischen Verfahren und in Anwendungen der nichtlinearen Optimierung zu geben. Eine Einführung ...
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Optimization with PDE Constraints

Rene Pinnau, Michael Ulbrich - 2008 - 281 strani
This book presents a modern introduction of pde constrained optimization. It provides a precise functional analytic treatment via optimality conditions and a state-of-the-art ...
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Applied Optimization: Formulation and Algorithms for Engineering Systems

Ross Baldick - 2006 - 768 strani
This book provides step-by-step descriptions of how to formulate numerical problems and develops techniques for solving them.
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OpenMP Shared Memory Parallel Programming: International Workshop, IWOMP ...

Matthias S. Müller, Bronis R. de Supinski, Allen D. Malony, Michael Voss - 2008 - 448 strani
OpenMP is an application programming interface (API) that is widely accepted as a standard for high-level shared-memory parallel programming. It is a portable, scalable ...
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Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics 2005: Proceedings, Third MIT ...

Klaus-Jürgen Bathe - 2005 - 1342 strani
Papers containing information on the key challenges for research and development in computational mechanics, such as: the automatic solution of mathematical models, effective ...
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