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Teokset Teokset 21 - 30 / 48 liittyen teokseen On Global Order:Power, Values, and the Constitution of International Society ....   

A New A-Z of International Relations Theory: Crown Service in Sudan ...

Chris Farrands, Imad El-Anis - 2015 - 360 sivua
International Relations is a multi-disciplinary and heterogeneous subject which goes to the heart of relations between states and international organisations embracing ...
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World Ethics: The New Agenda

Nigel Dower - 1998 - 214 sivua
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Community, Diversity, and a New World Order: Essays in Honor of Inis L ...

Kenneth W. Thompson - 1994 - 315 sivua
This volume explores subjects such as the rise of modern nationalism and its potentially destructive nature in regard to world order; arms control and disarmament in the ...
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The Empire of Security and the Safety of the People

William Bain - 2006 - 240 sivua
This is an accessible new examination of what ‘security’ means today, contextualizing the term amongst other key ideas, such as the nation state, diplomacy, war and autonomy ...
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The Market or the Public Domain: Redrawing the Line

Daniel Drache - 2005 - 416 sivua
Examining the powerful idea of the return, reconstitution and redeployment of the public domain in a post-Seattle and post-Washington consensus world order, this innovative ...
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Democracy and the Global Order: From the Modern State to Cosmopolitan Governance

David Held - 1995 - 324 sivua
Democracy is the most potent political idea in the world today, yet the future of democracy is increasingly uncertain. Key assumptions of democratic thinking and practice are ...
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Encyclopedia of International Relations and Global Politics

Martin Griffiths - 2013 - 936 sivua
The study of international relations has changed rapidly in recent years. Firstly as a consequence of major political and economic change – the end of the cold war and the fall ...
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