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Boeken Boeken 11 - 17 van ongeveer 17 die betrekking hebben op Hans Richter: Activism, Modernism, and the Avant-garde.   

G: An Avant-garde Journal of Art, Architecture, Design, and Film, 1923-1926

Detlef Mertins, Michael William Jennings - 2010 - 269 pagina’s
Published in the 1920s by a who's who of avant-garde artists, G helped shape a new phase in modern art. This is the first English translation.
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Dada: monograph of a movement

Willy Verkauf - 1957 - 188 pagina’s
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The Story of Dada: --and how to Activate Your Dada-gene

Rudy Ernst - 2009 - 210 pagina’s
The Story of Dada revives some of the most revolutionary art historical events of the 20th Century and introduces the notion of the "Dada-Gene," which enhances creativity.
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The End of Expressionism: Art and the November Revolution in Germany, 1918-1919

Joan Weinstein - 1990 - 332 pagina’s
"Weinstein explores the attitudes and organizations of artists and architects in Berlin, Munich, and Dresden in response to the tumultuous events associated with the end of WWI ...
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