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Boeken Boeken 1 - 10 van ongeveer 14 die betrekking hebben op Hans Richter: Activism, Modernism, and the Avant-garde.   

Crisis and the Arts: The import of nothing : how Dada came, saw, and ...

Stephen C. Foster, Hubert van den Berg - 2003 - 450 pagina’s
In examining Dada in the Low Countries, Hubert van den Berg is faced with a complex situation that as much critiqued as embraced Dada. Largely an individual affair, and lacking ...
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Crisis and the Arts: Dada New York : new world for old

Stephen C. Foster - 2003 - 251 pagina’s
In the same month that the single issue of the only official New York Dada magazine was published, April 1921, the Socie te Anonyme arranged a formal session to discuss the ...
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Dada and the Press

Stephen C. Foster, Harriett Watts - 2004 - 499 pagina’s
Any understanding of Dada requires a serious consideration of its reception, most discernable through the press. To the degree that Dada entered and engaged the dominant ...
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Dada Zurich: a clown's game from nothing

Brigitte Pichon, Stephen C. Foster, Karl Riha - 1996 - 281 pagina’s
Each volume in Crisis and the Arts: The History of Dada, under the general editorship of Professor Stephen C. Forster, University of Iowa, contributes to an examination of the ...
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"Event" Arts and Art Events

Stephen C. Foster - 1988 - 304 pagina’s
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Crisis and the Arts: Paris Dada, the barbarians storm the gates

Stephen C. Foster - 2001 - 355 pagina’s
"Paris Dada" stands apart from the other Dada-doms treated in this series because of the sometimes complicated interaction between the French writers and artists associated ...
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