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Being and Nothingness

Jean-Paul Sartre, Hazel Estella Barnes - 1992 - 811 pagina’s
Sartre explains the theory of existential psychoanalysis in this treatise on human reality
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Yve Alain Bois, Rosalind E. Krauss, Centre Georges Pompidou - 1997 - 296 pagina’s
In a work that will become indispensable to anyone seriously interested in modern art, Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind Krauss introduce a new constellation of concepts to our ...
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Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture, and Film

Giuliana Bruno - 2002 - 484 pagina’s
Named a 2003 Book of the Year by The Guardian [London], winner of the 2004 Kraszna-Krausz Moving Image Book Award in Culture and History (honoring "the world's best book on the ...
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Screening Modernism: European Art Cinema, 1950-1980

András Bálint Kovács - 2007 - 427 pagina’s
Casting fresh light on the renowned productions of auteurs like Antonioni, Fellini, and Bresson and drawing out from the shadows a range of important but lesser-known works ...
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The master spy: the story of Kim Philby

Phillip Knightley - 1990 - 292 pagina’s
Chronicles the career of Cold-War double agent Kim Philby, a British counter intelligence officer and KGB operative
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Saving Private Ryan: The Men, The Mission, The Movie

Steven Spielberg, David James - 1999 - 96 pagina’s
Over 50,000 sold—the only illustrated companion book to the extraodinary film. Includes excerpts from Stephen Ambrose's books, screenplay extracts, and commentary by Steven ...
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The Predicament of Culture

James Clifford - 1988 - 381 pagina’s
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