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Stationarity and Convergence in Reduce-or-Retreat Minimization

Adam B. Levy - 2012 - 55 strani
Stationarity and Convergence in Reduce-or-Retreat Minimization presents and analyzes a unifying framework for a wide variety of numerical methods in optimization. The ...
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Practical Mathematical Optimization: An Introduction to Basic Optimization ...

Jan Snyman - 2005 - 258 strani
This book presents basic optimization principles and gradient-based algorithms to a general audience, in a brief and easy-to-read form. It enables professionals to apply ...
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Scientific Computing with Case Studies

Dianne P. O'Leary - 2009 - 383 strani
This book is a practical guide to the numerical solution of linear and nonlinear equations, differential equations, optimization problems, and eigenvalue problems. It treats ...
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Maxima and Minima with Applications: Practical Optimization and Duality

Wilfred Kaplan - 2011 - 296 strani
This new work by Wilfred Kaplan, the distinguished author of influential mathematics and engineering texts, is destined to become a classic. Timely, concise, and content-driven ...
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Advances in Control Systems: Theory and Applications

C. T. Leondes - 2014 - 334 strani
Advances in Control Systems: Theory and Applications, Volume 4 provides information pertinent to the significant progress in the field of automatic control. This book presents ...
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Introduction to Mathematical Programming

N. K. Kwak, Marc J. Schniederjans - 1987 - 356 strani
This text presents current and classical mathematical programming techniques at an introductory level. It provides case problems to stimulate interest and is aimed for ...
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