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More Than Just War: Narratives of the Just War and Military Life - Page 85

Charles Jones - Political Science - 2013 - 224 pages
Specifically, they have concealed the range of political theology in the century
that followed the death of Aquinas in ... Just-war doctrine remained embedded in
political theology for Aquinas, as Gray himself slightly grudgingly concedes on ...
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Calvin's Doctrine of the State: A Reformed Doctrine and Its American ... - Page 24

Mark J. Larson - Religion - 2009 - 148 pages
17 the aUGUStinian foUnDation for Calvin, the issue of the proper authority was
an indispensable element in the just war. he, in fact, began his treatment of just
war doctrine in the same way that Thomas aquinas had in his Summa Theologica
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The Other Side of Christianity - Page 16

Dallas M. Darling - Religion - 2008 - 192 pages
Finally, I realized that most of us living in the Western World have been so
indoctrinated with the Just War Doctrine and continue to ... Aquinas wrestled with
"war with the hope of peace everlasting" or "captivity with no thought of
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International Law and the Use of Force: Beyond the U.N. Charter Paradigm - Page 14

Anthony Clark Arend, Robert J. Beck - History - 2014 - 288 pages
7 Drawing on the work of Augustine, Thomas Aquinas provided a systematic
framework for the Christian just war doctrine. Writing in the Summa Theologiae,
Aquinas argued that recourse to war was morally permissible if it met three
conditions ...
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Church and School in Early Modern Protestantism: Studies in Honor of Richard ... - Page 189

Jordan J. Ballor, David Sytsma, Jason Zuidema - History - 2013 - 830 pages
While Luther assumed the legitimacy of the classical Augustinian just war
doctrine and castigated others for their deviations from it, ... Aquinas and the
Augustinian Tradition Before we examine Vermigli's exposition, let us briefly
consider ...
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From Just War to Modern Peace Ethics - Page 175

Heinz-Gerhard Justenhoven, William A. Barbieri, Jr. - Religion - 2012 - 359 pages
Suμrez,. Aquinas,. and. the. Just. War: Self. Defense. or. Punishment? James.
Bernard. Murphy. In the classic tradition of Catholic just war doctrine, from
Augustine to Suμrez and beyond, the decision to wage war is justified by
reference to two ...
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Ethics, Nationalism, and Just War: Medieval and Contemporary Perspectives - Page 76

Henrik Syse, Gregory M Reichberg - History - 2007 - 405 pages
Since offensive war" appears to be the sort of undertaking that is primarily
envisioned by Aquinas in STh II-II, q. 4o, a. ... Catholic just war doctrine),
offensive war, in the juridical and moral sense of the term, must be entirely
excluded (288).
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Just War: Authority, Tradition, and Practice: Authority, Tradition, and Practice

Anthony F. Lang Jr., Cian O’Driscoll, John Williams - Political Science - 2013 - 336 pages
In this story, the just war doctrine of Thomas Aquinas occupies an ambiguous
position. His famous definition of just cause, with its terminology of culpability and
desert, seems consistent with the penal conception. Yet, on closer reading, ...
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Beyond Just War: A Virtue Ethics Approach - Page 15

David K. Chan, Claudia Card - Philosophy - 2012 - 223 pages
Thus, although he raises the relevant questions, it is difficult to attribute a clear
doctrine of noncombatant immunity to Aquinas.14 The principles of
proportionality and noncombatant immunity would become the central tenets of
jus in bello.
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