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The Israeli Connection: Whom Israel Arms and why

Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi - 1987 - Armes - Israël - Limited preview
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The Heritage of Eastern Turkey: From Earliest Settlements to Islam

A. G. Sagona - 2006 - History - Limited preview
Dr Sagona has conducted many seasons of excavation and survey work in eastern Turkey. This extravagantly illustrated book traces the history of the region from the beginning of settled life (c.11,000-5,500 BC) to the spread of Islam and the ...
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An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord ...

Joseph Whitaker - 1908 - Almanacs, English - Full view
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Yemen and the USA: A Super-Power and a Small-state Relationship, 1962-1992

Ahmed Noman Almadhagi - 1996 - History - Limited preview
Since the end of the Cold War Yemen's international position is governed by its precarious relations with its powerful neighbour Saudi Arabia and by extension the United States. In this important book based on a wide range of Arab and Western ...
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Irish Records: Sources for Family and Local History

James G. Ryan - 1997 - Reference - No preview available
Lists books and primary sources
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Practical Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy

Donald Hugh Johnson, Robert A. Pedowitz - 2007 - Medical - Limited preview
Written by noted experts in orthopaedic sports medicine, this book is a comprehensive, practical guide to diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries. It covers all the material required for the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery's new ...
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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Magazine - Jun 1970 - Vol. 26, No. 6 - Full view
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is the premier public resource on scientific and technological developments that impact global security. Founded by Manhattan Project Scientists, the Bulletin's iconic "Doomsday Clock" stimulates solutions ...
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Ancient Egypt: Her Monuments, Hieroglyphics, History and Archæology, and ...

George Robins Gliddon - 1844 - Egypt - Full view
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Soul Science: The Proof of Life After Death

Franklin Alonzo Thomas - 1920 - Soul - Full view
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The New Concise History of the Crusades

Thomas F. Madden - 2005 - History - Limited preview
How have the crusades contributed to Islamist rage and terrorism today? Were the crusades the Christian equivalent of modern jihad? In this sweeping yet crisp history, Thomas Madden offers a brilliant and compelling narrative of the crusades and ...
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