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The Secret Magdalene

Ki Longfellow - 2007 - Fiction - Limited preview
A historical novel follows the life of Mary Magdalene, detailing her privileged childhood, her prophetic visions, her study in the Great Library of Alexandria, her fascination with John the Baptizer's cousin Yeshu'a, and her role as teacher and ...
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The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology

Timothy Darvill - 2003 - Social Science - No preview available
Over 4,000 entries of essential archaeological vocabulary provide comprehensive up-to-date coverage of theory and methods; people, artefacts and materials; sites, monuments, and legislation. The archaeology of a selection of key sites from around ...
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The Collected Works of W.B. Yeats Volume IX: Early Art: Uncollected Articles ...

William Butler Yeats - 2010 - Literary Criticism - Limited preview
The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats, Volume IX: Early Articles and Reviews is part of a fourteen-volume series under the general editorship of eminent Yeats scholars Richard J. Finneran and George Mills Harper. This first complete edition includes ...
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Drug Discovery and Development, Volume 2: Drug Development

Mukund S. Chorghade - 2007 - Science - Limited preview
From first principles to real-world applications-here is the first comprehensive guide to drug discovery and development Modern drug discovery and development require the collaborative efforts of specialists in a broadarray of scientific ...
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Surfactants from Renewable Resources

Mikael Kjellin, Ingegärd Johansson - 2010 - Science - Limited preview
Most modern surfactants are readily biodegradable and exhibit low toxicity in the aquatic environment, the two criteria for green surfactants. However the majority are synthesised from petroleum, so over the past decade the detergent industry has ...
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Synthesis of Active Analogs of Adjuvant Quillaja Saponins in Order to ...

Maria Inês Passos Eleutério - 2006 - Limited preview
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Aloe Vera: Nature's Soothing Healer

Diane Gage - 1996 - Health & Fitness - Limited preview
Discusses the biological properties of aloe vera, explaining its power to heal the human body, and traces the ways the plant has been used throughout history
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New Scientist

Magazine - Nov 26, 1988 - Vol. 120, No. 1640 - Full view
New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New ...
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Prayer and Meditation

Jesus Christ (Spirit), Kuthumi, Mark Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet - 1978 - Body, Mind & Spirit - Limited preview
A combination of Christian mysticism and Eastern meditation. Teaches the art of unceasing communion with God and the way of higher meditation to open the heart. 18 Chinese-style prints of great spiritual masters.
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Mysteries of the Holy Grail: Archangel Gabriel

Elizabeth Clare Prophet - 1984 - Body, Mind & Spirit - No preview available
Archangel Gabriel unveils 19 mysteries of the Holy Grail including Christ, Armageddon, Consciousness, the Incarnation, Good and Evil, the Messengers, and the Power of the Spoken Word. A formula for practical day-to-day self-mastery unfolds ...
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