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Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter

James Gurney - 2010 - Art - Limited preview
From New York Times best-selling author of the Dinotopia series, James Gurney, comes a carefully crafted and researched study on color and light in paintings. This art instruction book will accompany the acclaimed Imaginative Realism: How to ...
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Portrait Painting Atelier: Old Master Techniques and Contemporary Applications

Suzanne Brooker, Domenic Cretara - 2010 - Art - No preview available
For serious beginner to professional-level artists seeking advanced explorations of the conceptual and technical foundations of modern era and contemporary drawing. Drawing has recently experienced a renewal of importance in the art world; in ...
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Artist's Color Manual: The Complete Guide to Working with Color

Simon Jennings - 2003 - Art - Limited preview
Complemented by five hundred full-color images, this practical guide to color for visual artists provides a basic introduction to color theory, the color wheel, and the art of mixing pigments, from primary colors to neutrals, flesh tones, and ...
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Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn't Exist

James Gurney - 2009 - Art - Limited preview
Shares tips and techniques on creating a realistic picture of aliens and creatures, places, and machines.
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Still Life Painting Atelier: An Introduction to Oil Painting

Michael Friel - 2014 - Art - Limited preview
The equivalent of a foundation course in traditional oil painting for beginning to intermediate level artists, this in-depth book uses the still life as a practical way to master oil techniques. The still life is a practical, forgiving genre as ...
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Oil Painting Secrets from a Master

Linda Cateura - 1995 - Art - Limited preview
A classic of simplicity! Portrait Drawing has guided and inspired a generation of artists to create beautiful, realistic portraits. In just eighty pages, author Wendon Blake covers all the basics, from papers and pencils to drawing eyes, nose ...
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Problem Solving for Oil Painters

Gregg Kreutz - 1997 - Art - Limited preview
Idea Is There a Good Abstract Idea Underlying the Picture? What Details Could be Eliminated to Strengthen the Composition? Does the Painting "Read"? Could You Finish Any Part of the Painting? Shapes Are the Dominant Shapes as Strong and Simple as ...
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The Cloud Collector's Handbook

Gavin Pretor-Pinney - 2011 - Nature - Limited preview
The perfect incentive for keeping your head in the clouds, The Cloud Collector's Handbook is a whimsical guide to the wonders of the sky. Throughout, author and cloud expert Gavin Pretor-Pinney catalogs a variety of clouds and gives readers ...
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