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An Introduction to Systems Biology: Design Principles of Biological Circuits

Uri Alon - 2006 - Mathematics - Limited preview
Thorough and accessible, this book presents the design principles of biological systems, and highlights the recurring circuit elements that make up biological networks. It provides a simple mathematical framework which can be used to understand ...
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DNA Computing: New Computing Paradigms

Gheorghe Paun, Grzegorz Rozenberg, Arto Salomaa - 2005 - Computers - Limited preview
This is the first book on DNA computing, a molecular approach that may revolutionize computing-replacing silicon with carbon and microchips with DNA molecules. The book starts with an introduction to DNA computing, exploring the power of ...
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Two Faces of Evil: Cancer and Neurodegeneration

Thomas Curran, Yves Christen - 2010 - Medical - Limited preview
Homeostasis involves a delicate interplay between generative and degenerative processes to maintain a stable internal environment. In biological systems, equilibrium is established and controlled through a series of negative feedback mechanisms ...
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Memory: From Mind to Molecules

Larry R. Squire, Eric R. Kandel - 2009 - Science - No preview available
Combining insights from both cognitive neuroscience and molecular biology, two of the world's leading experts address memory from molecules and cells to brain systems and cognition. What is memory and where in the brain is it stored? How is ...
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From Clocks to Chaos: The Rhythms of Life

Leon Glass, Michael C. Mackey - 1988 - Mathematics - Limited preview
In an important new contribution to the literature of chaos, two distinguished researchers in the field of physiology probe central theoretical questions about physiological rhythms. Topics discussed include: How are rhythms generated? How do ...
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Weakly Connected Neural Networks

Frank C. Hoppensteadt, Eugene M. Izhikevich - 1997 - Mathematics - Limited preview
Devoted to local and global analysis of weakly connected systems with applications to neurosciences, this book uses bifurcation theory and canonical models as the major tools of analysis. It presents a systematic and well motivated development of ...
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Cosmic Blueprint: New Discoveries In Natures Ability To Order Universe

Paul Davies - 2004 - Religion - No preview available
In this critically acclaimed book, first published in 1988 and now reprinted in paperback, scientist and author Paul Davies explains how recent scientific advances are transforming our understanding of the emergence of complexity and organization ...
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The Web of Life: A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems

Fritjof Capra - 1996 - Science - Snippet view
Presents an innovative view of the interrelationships of psychological, biological, and social phenomena, synthesizing the latest alternative theories of evolution and physics
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Physics of Emergence and Organization

Ignazio Licata - 2008 - Science - Limited preview
This book is a state-of-the-art review on the Physics of Emergence. The challenge of complexity is to focus on the description levels of the observer in context-dependent situations. Emergence is not only an heuristic approach to complexity, but ...
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Self-Organizing Maps

Teuvo Kohonen - 2001 - Computers - Limited preview
The Self-Organizing Map (SOM), with its variants, is the most popular artificial neural network algorithm in the unsupervised learning category. Many fields of science have adopted the SOM as a standard analytical tool: in statistics,signal ...
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