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Iain M. Banks - 2009 - Fiction - Limited preview
In a world renowned even within a galaxy full of wonders, a crime within a war. For one man it means a desperate flight, and a search for the one - maybe two - people who could clear his name. For his brother it means a life lived under constant ...
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The Stars My Destination

Alfred Bester - 2011 - Fiction - No preview available
Gully Foyle, Mechanic's Mate 3rd Class, is the only survivor on his drifting, wrecked spaceship. When another space vessel, the Vorga, ignores his distress flares and sails by, Foyle becomes a man obsessed with revenge. He endures 170 days alone ...
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Tunnel in the Sky

Robert A. Heinlein - 2005 - Fiction - Limited preview
A group of students goes through the gate to an unknown planet for a two-to-ten-day final exam in Advanced Survival only to realize, after a period of fighting the elements and wildlife, that something has gone wrong with the gate and what was a ...
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Piers Anthony - 2003 - Fiction - Limited preview
Throughout history, man has been searching for better ways to gather information about his universe. But although they may have longed for it, not even the most brilliant minds could conceive of a device as infinitely powerful or as immeasurably ...
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Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror

Steve Alten - 2008 - Fiction - No preview available
Include an excerpt from The loch (p. [369]-421).
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The Host: A Novel

Stephenie Meyer - 2008 - Fiction - Limited preview
A member of a species that takes over the minds of human bodies, Wanderer is unable to disregard his host's love for a man in hiding, a situation that forces both possessor and host to become unwilling allies. A first adult novel by the author of ...
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Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3)

Suzanne Collins - 2010 - Juvenile Fiction - Limited preview
The greatly anticipated final book in the New York Times bestselling Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss Everdeen. The final book in The ...
3629 Reviews - Write review

Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins - 2009 - Juvenile Fiction - No preview available
By winning the annual Hunger Games, District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have secured a life of safety and plenty for themselves and their families, but because they won by defying the rules, they unwittingly become the faces ...
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The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins - 2008 - Juvenile Fiction - Limited preview
In a future North America, where the rulers of Panem maintain control through an annual televised survival competition pitting young people from each of the twelve districts against one another, sixteen-year-old Katniss's skills are put to the ...
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