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Michael Crichton - 1999 - Fiction - No preview available
Using a quantum time machine, a group of young historians is sent back to the year 1357 to rescue their trapped project leader.
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The Haj

Leon Uris - 1984 - Fiction - Snippet view
Examines the tragic history of the Middle East in an epic tale that recreates the turbulent era from World War I to the early decades of the existence of the state of Israel
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James Albert Michener - 1989 - Fiction - Snippet view
A fictional account of the history of the Caribbean area includes the racial, political, and economic struggles from the arrival of Columbus and Spanish control to present day problems.
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James Albert Michener - 2003 - Fiction - Snippet view
In this classic work of fiction, James Michener once again brings history vividly alive. Escaping religious persecution in England in 1611, young Edmund Steed flees his native country in pursuit of freedom and the New World. After joining Captain ...
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James Albert Michener - 1982 - Fiction - Snippet view
Engineer Stanley Mott, astronomy student John Pope, naval hero Norman Grant, and rocket engineer Dieter Kolff serve as principals in the forty-year history of America's space program and share the complex drama with numerous others.
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The drifters: a novel

James Albert Michener - 1971 - Fiction - Snippet view
Eight wanderers, spanning three generations, find themselves thrown together in the Spanish resort town Torremolinos
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The Source

James A. Michener - 1983 - Fiction - Snippet view
An archeological excavation of Tell Makor initiates a journey into the ancient history and culture of Israel that explores the life of the early Hebrews, the impact of Christianity, the Spanish inquisition, and the modern Middle East conflict
28 Reviews - Write review