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Beast Academy Guide 3B

Jason Batterson - 2012 - No preview available
Beast Academy Guide 3B is aligned to the 2010 Common Core State Standards for 3rd grade mathematics. The guide is written in an engaging comic book style, and includes chapters on multiplication, perfect squares, and the distributive property.

The Tales from the Odyssey #1: One-Eyed Giant

Mary Pope Osborne - 2003 - Juvenile Fiction - No preview available
When Odysseus must leave his home to fight the Trojan War, he never imagines that he’ll be away from his family for so many years. Now, at long last, he is leading his men home across the seas. But many dangers await them – and none is more ...

Stuart Little 60th Anniversary Edition (full color)

E. B. White - 2001 - Juvenile Fiction - Limited preview
A fully colorized paperback edition of E.B. White's classic novel about one small mouse on a very big adventure! Stuart Little is no ordinary mouse. Born to a family of humans, he lives in New York City with his parents, his older brother George ...

The Manga Guide(TM) to Biochemistry

Masaharu Takemura - 2011 - Comics & Graphic Novels - No preview available
"The latest addition to No Starch Press's EduManga series, The Manga Guide to Biochemistry uses Japanese comics, clear explanations, and a charming storyline to explain the basics of biochemistry. This volume begins with a discussion of the cells ...

Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip

Jim Rogers - 2004 - Business & Economics - No preview available
The best-selling author of The Investment Biker describes his three-year drive around the world with his fiancée Paige Parker, combining tales of his adventures in 116 countries with an insightful analysis of the global economy and the political ...

The Horrible Science of Everything

Nick Arnold - 2010 - Science - No preview available
It's science with the squishy bits left in! A journey from the very small to the very big! Readers are taken on a tour of everything in science, from the smallest thing ever to the horribly huge universe.

The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry

Larry Gonick, Craig Criddle - 2005 - Science - Limited preview
If you have ever suspected that "heavy water" is the title of a bootleg Pink Floyd album, believed that surface tension is an anxiety disorder, or imagined that a noble gas is the result of a heavy meal at Buckingham Palace, then you need The ...

The Day of the Dinosaurs

Jacqui Bailey - 2001 - Juvenile Nonfiction - Snippet view
Describes the development, way of life, and disappearance of the dinosaurs, and discusses some of the other creatures that lived at the same time.

The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True

Richard Dawkins - 2011 - Science - Limited preview
Magic takes many forms. Supernatural magic is what our ancestors used in order to explain the world before they developed the scientific method. The ancient Egyptians explained the night by suggesting the goddess Nut swallowed the sun. The ...

Little House on the Prairie (Full Color)

Laura Ingalls Wilder - 2010 - Juvenile Fiction - Limited preview
When Laura Ingalls and her family set out for Kansas, they travel for many days in their covered wagon until they find the perfect place to call home. Pioneer life is sometimes hard, but Laura and her family are busy and happy building their new ...