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Greene County, Georgia

Mamie Lee Hillman - 2004 - History - Limited preview
Greene County, Georgia, follows the lives of a people once burdened by the yoke of slavery through their struggles and important accomplishments of today. Located 80 miles east of Atlanta, Greene County is a place with a history rooted in faith ...
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Ask and it is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks - 2009 - Self-Help - Limited preview
This book, which presents the teachings of the nonphysical entity Abraham, will help you learn how to manifest your desires so that you're living the joyous and fulfilling life you deserve. You'll come to understand how your relationships, health ...
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The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ruth Prigozy - 1998 - Fiction - No preview available
A portrayal of the power of romantic imagination, as well as the pathos and courage entailed in the pursuit of an unattainable dream, The Great Gatsby is a classic fiction of hope and disillusion, which encapsulates the spirit, excitement and ...
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The Unknown Terrorist: A Novel

Richard Flanagan - 2008 - Fiction - Limited preview
From the internationally acclaimed author of Gould’s Book of Fish comes an astonishing new novel, a riveting portrayal of a society driven by fear. What would you do if you turned on the television and saw you were the most wanted terrorist in ...
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Select Treatises of St. Athanasius in Controversy with the Arians, Volume 2

Saint Athanasius (Patriarch of Alexandria) - 1890 - Arianism - Full view
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The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries: Cosmology and Salvation in the ...

David Ulansey - 1991 - Religion - Limited preview
This volume sets forth a new explanation of the meaning of the cult of Mithraism, tracing its origins not, as commonly held, to the ancient Persian religion, but to ancient astronomy and cosmology.
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On the Road

Jack Kerouac - 1997 - Fiction - Snippet view
Follows the counterculture escapades of members of the Beat generation as they seek pleasure and meaning while traveling coast to coast
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Howl and Other Poems: Pocket Poets Number 4

Allen Ginsberg - 2001 - Poetry - No preview available
Ginsberg's love for a man with whom he shared some of life's worst experiences is celebrated in poems which were once the subject of a prolonged court trial
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