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Anthill: A Novel

Edward O. Wilson - 2010 - Fiction - No preview available
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author presents the adventures of Raff, a modern-day Huck Finn in Alabama, whose love of ants transforms his life and those around him as he fights condo developers intent on destroying an endangered tract of land.
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The Open Society and Its Enemies: The spell of Plato, Volume 1

Karl Raimund Popper - 2003 - Philosophy - No preview available
Written in political exile during the Second World War and first published in 1945, Karl Popper's The Open Society and Its Enemiesis one of the most influential books of the twentieth century. Hailed by Bertrand Russell as a 'vigorous and ...
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Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

Bertrand Russell - 1993 - Mathematics - Limited preview
In the words of Bertrand Russell, "Because language is misleading, as well as because it is diffuse and inexact when applied to logic (for which it was never intended), logical symbolism is absolutely necessary to any exact or thorough treatment ...
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The Conquest of Happiness

Bertrand Russell - 1996 - Body, Mind & Spirit - Limited preview
Russell held progressive, often controversial views on social issues, including sexuality. Vigorously opposed to conventional or religious morality, he sets forth here a rationalist approach to achieving a happy life.
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