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Bayesian Artificial Intelligence

Kevin B. Korb, Ann E. Nicholson - 2003 - Computers - No preview available
As the power of Bayesian techniques has become more fully realized, the field of artificial intelligence has embraced Bayesian methodology and integrated it to the point where an introduction to Bayesian techniques is now a core course in many ...
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A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities

Pierre Simon Marquis De Laplace - 2007 - Mathematics - Limited preview
In this, his most famous work, Pierre-Simon, Marquis de Laplace lays out a system for reasoning based on probability. The single most famous piece introduced in this work is the rule of succession, which calculates the probability that a trial ...
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Causality: Models, Reasoning, and Inference

Judea Pearl - 2000 - Philosophy - Limited preview
Causality offers the first comprehensive coverage of causal analysis in many sciences, including recent advances using graphical methods. Pearl presents a unified account of the probabilistic, manipulative, counterfactual and structural ...
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Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems: Networks of Plausible Inference

Judea Pearl - 1988 - Computers - Limited preview
Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems is a complete and accessible account of the theoretical foundations and computational methods that underlie plausible reasoning under uncertainty. The author provides a coherent explication of ...
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Readings in uncertain reasoning

Glenn Shafer - 1990 - Computers - Snippet view
Computing Methodologies -- Artificial Intelligence.
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