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Elements of Spacemaking

Yatin Pandya - 2007 - Architecture - No preview available
This book examines the inherent attributes of 'spacemaking' elements like roofs, walls, doors, windows, columns, stairs and floors and analyses their implicit influences in the design of space. It traces the linguistic origin of the terms as well ...
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Landscape architecture: the shaping of man's natural environment

John Ormsbee Simonds - 1961 - Architecture - Snippet view
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The Dynamics of Architectural Form: Based on the 1975 Mary Duke Biddle ...

Rudolf Arnheim - 1977 - Architecture - Full view
An authority on the psychological interpretation of the visual arts directs attention to the expressive visual features of buildings and the perceptual consequences of architecture
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Edward L. Bernays - 2007 - No preview available
Propaganda is a unique and early work which focuses on the thesis that corporations and governmental institutions are working to control the masses. Author Edward L. Bernays, often considered to be the father of modern day public relations ...
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The Modulor: A Harmonious Measure to the Human Scale, Universally ..., Volume 1

Le Corbusier - 2000 - Architecture - Limited preview
In the years 1942 to 1948, Le Corbusier developed a system of measurements which became known as "Modulor". Based on the Golden Section and Fibonacci numbers and also using the physical dimensions of the average human, Modulor is a sequence of ...
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When the Cathedrals Were White: A Journey to the Country of Timid People

Le Corbusier - 1947 - Architecture - No preview available
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The Meaning of the Built Environment: A Nonverbal Communication Approach

Amos Rapoport - 1982 - Psychology - Limited preview
The Meaning of the Built Environment is a lively illustrated study of the meanings of everyday buildings for their users. Professor Rapoport uses examples and vignettes, drawn from many cultures and historical eras as well as contemporary America ...
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A Modern Theory of Architecture

Bruce Allsopp - 1977 - Architecture - No preview available
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House form and culture

Amos Rapoport - 1969 - Architecture - Snippet view
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Space, Time and Architecture: The Growth of a New Tradition

Sigfried Giedion - 1967 - Architecture - Limited preview
Analyzes contemporary architectural techniques, potentialities, innovations, and concepts as they apply to city planning
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