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Catholicism, Sexual Deviance, and Victorian Gothic Culture

Patrick R. O'Malley - 2006 - Literary Criticism - Limited preview
It has long been recognised that the Gothic genre sensationalised beliefs and practices associated with Catholicism. Often, the rhetorical tropes and narrative structures of the Gothic, with its lurid and supernatural plots, were used to argue ...
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Defining the Victorian Nation: Class, Race, Gender and the British Reform ...

Catherine Hall, Keith McClelland, Jane Rendall - 2000 - History - Limited preview
Defining the Victorian Nation offers a fresh perspective on one of the most significant pieces of legislation in nineteenth-century Britain. Hall, McClelland and Rendall demonstrate that the Second Reform Act was marked by controversy about the ...
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The Nineteenth-Century Church and English Society

Frances Knight - 1998 - History - Limited preview
This is the first study to consider the meaning of Anglicanism for ordinary people in nineteenth-century England. Drawing extensively on unpublished sources, particularly those for rural areas, Frances Knight analyses the beliefs and practices of ...
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Daily Life in Victorian England

Sally Mitchell - 1996 - History - Limited preview
The most comprehensive social history of Victorian England to date.
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Conflict and Crisis in the Religious Life of Late Victorian England

Herbert Schlossberg - 2011 - History - Limited preview
Contrary to its popular image as dull and stodgy, the Victorian period was one of revolutionary change. In its politics, its art, its economic aff airs, its class relationships, and in its religion, change was constant. A half-century after Queen ...
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Religion in Victorian Britain, Vol. IV: Interpretations

Gerald Parsons - 1988 - History - Limited preview
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Dandies and Desert Saints: Styles of Victorian Masculinity

James Eli Adams - 1995 - History - Limited preview
While drawing on work in feminism, queer theory, and cultural history, Dandies and Desert Saints challenges scholars to rethink simplistic notions of Victorian manhood. James Eli Adams examines masculine identity in Victorian literature from ...
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A Man's Place: Masculinity and the Middle-Class Home in Victorian England

John Tosh - 2007 - Social Science - Limited preview
Based on family records and didactic texts, this book reconstructs how men of the Victorian middle class experienced the demands of an exacting domestic code, and how they negotiated its contradictions.
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A Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture

Herbert F. Tucker - 1999 - Literary Criticism - No preview available
Thirty leading Victorianists from around the world collaborate here in a multidimensional analysis of the breadth and sweep of modern Britain's longest, unruliest literary epoch.
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