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A Pulpit Commentary on Catholic Teaching: The Creed - Page 302

Preaching - 1908
speaks in particularly forcible language. "Behold," he says, "I tell you a mystery.
We shall all indeed rise again, but we shall not all be changed. In a moment, in
the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the trumpet shall sound and the
dead ...
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A Pulpit Commentary on Catholic Teaching: The liturgy of the ecclesiastical year - Page 213

Preaching - 1910
And yet, strange to say, a good many centuries passed before any one in the
Church undertook to institute a feast in honor of this grandest of mysteries, the
mystery which was ever so constantly recalled and honored in all Church
functions ...
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Mariology: A Guide for Priests, Deacons, Seminarians, and Consecrated Persons - Page 269

Various Authors - Religion - 2008 - 887 pages
Total Consecration to and Triumph of the Immaculate Heart What we perceive in
this summary of Catholic Tradition and belief concerning the Immaculate
Conception is an explanation of the scriptural roots of this mystery, a mystery
which ...
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Mores Catholici: Books V-VI - Page 67

Kenelm Henry Digby - Civilization, Medieval - 1889
Kenelm Henry Digby. might of poetry over human life, is never more fully felt than
when it employs consecrated figures and symbols to express the mystery of our
existence in the world of wishes, and the ideas of anticipation which console it.
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Apologetica: Elementary Apologetics for Pulpit and Pew - Page 53

Patrick Albert Halpin - Apologetics - 1905 - 134 pages
It must never be forgotten that man only perceives truth, and so, since the
expanse of truth is limitless, since God is substantial truth, mystery is not only a
possibility but an actuality, a necessity. II. There are mysteries everywhere, and
we admit ...
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Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England: A Revised Translation with ... - Page 56

Saint Bede (the Venerable) - England - 1907 - 439 pages
Or approach to receive the Mystery of the Holy Communion? All which things are
requisite to be known by the ignorant nation of the English. Gregory answers. — I
do not doubt but that these questions have been put to you, my brother, and I ...
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Psychotherapy; Including the History of the Use of Mental Influence ... - Page 633

James Joseph Walsh - Mental healing - 1913 - 806 pages
When we analyze the problem of heredity, however, and find that the connecting
link between offspring and parents is always only a single cell of less than one
one-hundredth of an inch in diameter, the mystery of heredity looms up in all its ...
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The Visible Church, Her Government, Ceremonies, Sacramentals, Festivals and ... - Page 100

John Francis Sullivan - Christian education - 1920 - 275 pages
Another introduction, "Simili modo"1 ("In like manner"), leads to the words of
consecration said over the chalice, which are: "For THIS IS THE CHALICE OF MY
BLOOD, of the new and eternal testament, a mystery of faith, which shall be shed
for ...
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The Venerable Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England: Also the Anglo-Saxon ... - Page 51

Saint Bede (the Venerable), John Stevens, Anna Gurvey, Henry Petrie - Great Britain - 1847 - 515 pages
But when the appetite of gluttony commits excess in food, and thereupon the
receptacles of the humours are oppressed, the mind from thence contracts some
guilt ; yet not so much as to obstruct the receiving of the holy mystery, or
celebrating ...
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City of God...: The Divine History and Life of the Virgin ..., Volumes 1-2 - Page 574

María de Jesús (de Agreda, sor) - 1914
It was also a suitable means to conceal this mystery from Lucifer and the demons,
who in such rage were bent on wreaking their fury upon me. When they saw me
enter the married state as other women, their fury was appeased, not thinking it ...
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