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Kites: A Practical Handbook

Ron Moulton, Pat Lloyd - 1997 - No hay vista previa disponible
Kite flying has recently experienced an increase in popularity, and has seen the introduction of bold, new designs and materials for improved standards of efficiency. In this revised and updated edition, the authors provide the latest information ...
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The Magnificent Book of Kites: Explorations in Design, Construction ...

Maxwell Eden - 2002 - Vista previa restringida
Provides step-by-step instruction for designing a variety of kites, and offers tips on material selection and flying techniques.
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The art of the Japanese kite

Tal Streeter - 1980 - Vista de fragmentos
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The Tao of Kiteflying: The Dynamics of Tethered Flight

Harm van Veen - 1996 - No hay vista previa disponible
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L'art du cerf-volant

Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig - 1993 - No hay vista previa disponible
Les enfants ne sont pas les seuls à aimer leur cerf-volant bigarré qui bruit dans le vent des plages. Beaucoup d'adultes - en Europe, en Indonésie, en Chine ou au Japon - construisent d'extraordinaires machines volantes, véritables architectures ...
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Super Flyers

Neil Francis, June Bradford - 1988 - No hay vista previa disponible
Provides instructions on how to make and fly a variety of flying craft, including paper airplanes, dirigibles, parachutes, and kites.
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