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Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs: The biblical patriarchs were pharaohs of Egypt

Ralph Ellis - 2010 - History - No preview available
===epub format=== . The exodus of the Hyksos pharaohs from Egypt to Jerusalem is an incredibly similar event to the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt to Jerusalem. Classical historians will not entertain any connection between the two, because ...
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Jesus in Kashmir: The Lost Tomb

Suzanne Olsson - 2011 - Biography & Autobiography - No preview available
Includes over 125 photos and pictures with evidence identifying that: Jesus survived the crucifixion and has a tomb in Kashmir; the history of Jews in India and their influence of Christianity in India; Jesus had direct family connections to ...
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The Kingdom of Agarttha: A Journey into the Hollow Earth

Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre - 2008 - Body, Mind & Spirit - No preview available
First English translation of the book that introduced the realm of Hollow Earth • Explores the underground world of Agarttha, sometimes known as Shambhala, a realm that is spiritually and technologically advanced beyond our modern culture • One ...
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The Poetics of Reverie

Gaston Bachelard - 1971 - Literary Criticism - Limited preview
In this, his last significant work, an admired French philosopher provides extraordinary meditations on the relations between the imagining consciousness and the world, positing the notion of reverie as its most dynamic point of reference. In his ...
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Magnificat: Homilies in Praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Saint Bernard (of Clairvaux) - 1979 - Religion - Snippet view
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The Legacy of Muslim Spain

Salma Khadra Jayyusi, Manuela Marín - 1992 - History - Limited preview
The civilisation of medieval Muslim Spain is perhaps the most brilliant and prosperous of its age and has been essential to the direction which civilisation in medieval Europe took. This volume is the first ever in any language to deal in a ...
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From Khyber (Kheeber) Pass to Gran Quivira (Kheevira), NM and Baboquivari ...

Gene D. Matlock - 2002 - Fiction - No preview available
The only book ever written about how and why the word Quivira, Cabeiri, heeber (Heber) become the most frequently used place name in the world!
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The Secrets of the West Coast Masters: Uncover the Ultimate Techniques for ...

Dru West - 2011 - Limited preview
OUNCES ARE FOR AMATEURS. LEARN HOW TO YIELD A POUND PER PLANT INDOORS. Throughout the mountains and valleys of the US West Coast resides a secret society of master growers who are organically producing marijuana of unbelievable yields and potency ...
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The Last Barrier

Reshad Field - 2005 - No preview available
This 25th anniversary edition features a new foreword by Coleman Barks, the foremost modern interpreter of the Sufi poet Rumi, as well as a new preface by the author. Reshad Feild left the aristocratic roots of his native England at an early age ...
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