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The Presidency and Rhetorical Leadership

Leroy G. Dorsey - 2008 - Language Arts & Disciplines - Limited preview
Successful presidential leadership depends upon words as well as deeds. In this multifaceted look at rhetorical leadership, twelve leading scholars in three different disciplines provide in-depth studies of how words have served or disserved ...
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Prudence: Classical Virtue, Postmodern Practice

Robert Hariman - 2010 - Philosophy - Limited preview
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Back to the Rough Ground: 'phronesis' and 'techne' in Modern Philosophy and ...

Joseph Dunne - 1993 - Philosophy - Snippet view
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Community Over Chaos: An Ecological Perspective on Communication Ethics

James A. Mackin - 1997 - Business & Economics - Limited preview
This ecology of ethics seeks to balance the needs of the individual and those of the various levels of community. As James A. Mackin, Jr., shows, both modernism and postmodernism have undermined the traditional foundations for ethics. Using an ...
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Judgment, Rhetoric, and the Problem of Incommensurability: Recalling ...

Nola J. Heidlebaugh - 2001 - Language Arts & Disciplines - Limited preview
Nola J. Heidlebaugh considers the question of how, in an age of diversity and pluralism, contemporary society can productively address divisive issues. Looking at the dominant postmodern understandings of rhetoric, as well as at arguments ...
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Norms of Rhetorical Culture

Thomas B. Farrell - 1995 - Philosophy - Limited preview
Rhetoric is widely regarded as a kind of antithesis to reason. Here, Farrell restores rhetoric as an art of practical reason and enlightened civic participation, grounding it in its classical tradition - particularly in the rhetoric of Aristotle.
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The Specter of Relativism: Truth, Dialogue, and Phronesis in Philosophical ...

Lawrence Schmidt - 1995 - Philosophy - Limited preview
This text adresses the timely topic of relativism from the perspective of Gadamer's hermeneutics. This collection of essays explores several of the key issues in contemporary philosophy - the nature of truth, the model of conversation, and the ...
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The Glance of the Eye: Heidegger, Aristotle, and the Ends of Theory

William McNeill - 1999 - Philosophy - Limited preview
Argues that Heidegger's early reading of Aristotle provides him with a critical resource for addressing the problematic domination of theoretical knowledge in Western civilization.
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Reasons without Rationalism

Kieran Setiya - 2009 - Philosophy - Limited preview
Modern philosophy has been vexed by the question "Why should I be moral?" and by doubts about the rational authority of moral virtue. In Reasons without Rationalism, Kieran Setiya shows that these doubts rest on a mistake. The "should" of ...
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