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War and Modernity: Studies in the History of Vilolence in the 20th Century

Hans Joas - 2003 - Social Science - No preview available
Written by one of Europe's leading social theorists, this book takes up the claims of modernity and confronts them with a stark reality: the ongoing proliferation of war. How can contemporary social and political thought come to terms with this ...

The New American Militarism:How Americans Are Seduced by War: How Americans ...

Andrew J. Bacevich - 2005 - Political Science - No preview available
In this provocative new book, Andrew Bacevich warns of a dangerous dual obsession that has taken hold of Americans, conservatives and liberals alike. It is a marriage of militarism and utopian ideology--of unprecedented military might wed to a ...

Strategic Terror: The Politics and Ethics of Aerial Bombardment

Beau Grosscup - 2006 - History - Limited preview
Publisher Description

Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State

David H. Price - 2011 - History - No preview available
A chilling look at the intelligence community and its use and abuse of the anthropological field.

A Handbook of Military Conscription and Composition the World Over

Rita J. Simon, Mohamed Alaa Abdel-Moneim - 2011 - Social Science - Limited preview
This book focuses on military conscription in 22 countries that represent the world's regions. The purpose is to shed light on the history, politics, and main events that led to the choice of conscription or professional military forces in the ...

The Wisdom of Daughters: Two Decades of the Voice of Christian Feminism

Reta Halteman Finger, Kari Sandhaas - 2004 - Religion - No preview available
A collection of 80 original articles from the Daughters Of Sarah magazine, revealing the roots and evolution of feminist Christian thought.

The University in Chains: Confronting the Military-industrial-academic Complex

Henry A. Giroux - 2007 - Education - Snippet view
The University in Chains argues that both the academy and democracy are in peril, that a fundamental assault has been launched on the academy's unfulfilled legacy of democratic education and its present and future role as a democratic public ...

Nonviolent Response to Terrorism

Tom H. Hastings - 2003 - Social Science - Limited preview
Terrorism, which by definition targets civilians, is unacceptable, but a violent response to violence usually causes more violence. This book outlines some of the best thinking about nonviolent methods of resisting terrorism in the growing fields ...

The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting

David Barsamian - 2001 - Business & Economics - Limited preview
Concentration of the media has reached new heights, making it harder for alternative and critical voices to gain a hearing. The recent $86 billion merger of Time Warner and AOL is just one of many signs of the narrowing of information sources ...

About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War

Buff Whitman-Bradley, Sarah Lazare, Cynthia Whitman-Bradley - 2011 - Political Science - No preview available
Veterans of recent conflicts describe their individual journeys from raw recruit to war resister in this collection of testimonials. Although it is not well publicized, the long tradition of refusing to fight unjust wars continues today within ...