Stranger's Illustrated Guide to Boston and Its Suburbs: With Maps of Boston and the Harbor

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Photo-Electrotype Company, 1882 - Boston (Mass.) - 204 pages
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Page 42 - The retreat of this little handful of brave men would have been effectually cut off, had it not happened that the flanking party of the enemy, which was to have come upon the back of the redoubt, was checked by a party of the Provincials, who fought with the utmost bravery, and kept them from advancing farther than the beach...
Page 11 - Blackstone, who, by happening to sleep first in an hovel, upon a point of land there, laid claim to all the ground whereupon there now stands the metropolis of the whole English America, until the inhabitants gave him satisfaction.
Page 42 - They formed once more, and having brought some cannon to bear in such a manner as to rake the inside of the breast-work, from one end of it to the other, our troops retreated within their little fort.
Page 13 - ... squaw, although it rained, and the * Winthrop. Governor rather urged that they might be permitted to stay. He, and the other two who remained, tarried until afternoon of the next day but one. As he had before this time accustomed himself to wear English clothes, we are informed that " the Governor set him at his own table, where he behaved himself as soberly as an Englishman.
Page 44 - If the enemy will not come from their intrenchments, we must drive them out, at all events, otherwise the town of Boston will be set on fire by them. I shall not desire one of you to go a step farther than where I go myself at your head. Remember, Gentlemen, we have no recourse to any resources, if we lose Boston, but to go on board our ships, which will be very disagreeable to us all.
Page 135 - Over $5 and not exceeding $10 8 cents. Over $10 and not exceeding $15 10 cents. Over $15 and not exceeding $30 15 cents. Over $30 and not exceeding $40 20 cents. Over $40 and not exceeding $50 25 cents.
Page 11 - Whereupon, after the death of Mr. Johnson and divers others, the Governor, with Mr. "Wilson, and the greatest part of the church removed thither : whither also the frame of the Governor's house, in preparation at this town, was also (to the discontent of some) carried; where people began to build their houses against winter; and this place was called BOSTON.
Page 40 - Hill, and by the dawn of day they had thrown up a small redoubt about eight rods square. At this time a heavy fire began from...
Page 42 - Clinton, reflected honor on the untrained farmers, who, though inferior in numbers, had tasked the most strenuous exertions of their assailants before they could be dislodged from the defences which they had had but four hours to construct.
Page 42 - At length they were rallied, and marched up with apparent reluctance towards the entrenchment ; the Americans again reserved their fire until the enemy came within five or six rods, and a second time put the Regulars to flight, who ran in great confusion towards their boats. Similar and superior exertions were now necessarily made by the officers, which, notwithstanding the men discovered an almost insuperable reluctance to fighting in this cause, were again successful. They formed once more, and...

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