The historical works of Simeon of Durham, tr., with preface and notes, by J. Stevenson, Volume 3, Part 2

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Page 615 - Cuthbert, who was both monk and prelate, first in heroic verse, and then in prose. The History of the Abbots of this Monastery, in which I rejoice to serve the Divine Goodness, viz.
Page 618 - And being placed upon the pavement of his cell, he said, ' Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost' — and as soon as he had named the name of the Holy Spirit, he breathed out his own spirit, and so departed to the kingdom of heaven.
Page 436 - Noah, who was the son of Lamech, who was the son of Methusalem, who was the son of Enoch, who was the son of Malaleel, who was the son of Cainian, who was the son of Enos, who was the son of Seth, who was the son of Adam.
Page 435 - They came, as we before said, to the church of Lindisfarne, and laid all waste with ' dreadful havoc, trod with unhallowed feet the holy places, dug up the altars, and carried off all the treasures of the holy -church. Some of the brethren they killed; some they carried off in chains; many they cast out, naked and loaded with insults; some they drowned in the sea.
Page 462 - Let no one be surprised that the Christians had but a small number of men, for the Saxons had been worn out by eight battles in one year against the pagans, of whom they had slain one king, nine dukes, and innumerable troops of soldiers...
Page 457 - ... the Christians obtained a triumph. Ethelbert governed his kingdom five years in peace, with the love and respect of his subjects, who felt deep sorrow when he went the way of all flesh. His body was honourably interred at Sherborne by the side of his brothers. In the year of our Lord's incarnation 864, the pagans wintered in the isle of Thanet, and made a firm treaty with the men of Kent, who promised them money for adhering to their covenant ; but the pagans, like cunning foxes, burst from their...
Page 614 - From which time, till the fifty-ninth year of my age, I have made it my business, for the use of me and mine, to compile out of the works of the venerable Fathers, and to interpret and explain according to their meaning these following pieces: On the Beginning of Genesis, to the Nativity of Isaac and the Reprobation of Ismael, three books.
Page 465 - Lord's cross. among which was a piece of the blessed cross, on which our Lord Jesus Christ hung for the salvation of all mankind.
Page 723 - Britain; and it is situated between the Saxons and the Goths. Sceaf was the son of Heremod, Heremod...
Page 559 - Hervey, bishop of Bangor. A comet appeared in the month of December about the milky way, pointing towards the southern region of the heavens. AD 1110. Henry, king of the English, gave his daughter in marriage to the emperor Henry ; and sent her, at the beginning of Lent, which was the fourth of the ides of April ' [10th April], from Dover to Whitsand. In the same year, divers signs appeared throughout England. A great earthquake occurred at Shrewsbury. At Nottingham, the river called the Trent was...

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