Japan and the Japanese

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J.P. Neagle, 18 Ann & 102 Nassau street., 1852 - Japan - 184 pages

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Page 173 - thought it proper, in anticipation of this latter favorable contingency, to invest you with full power to negotiate and sign a treaty of amity and commerce between the United States and the Empire of Japan. I transmit, herewith, the act of the President, clothing you with that power ; as also copies of the treaty between the United States and China, with Siam and
Page 108 - some confused notions of the immortality of the soul, and of a future state of rewards and punishments. According to their tradition, the souls of the virtuous have a place assigned them immediately under heaven, while
Page 95 - houses of Kint-ching, the capital city, built in their peculiar style, are observed opening from among the lofty trees which surround and shade them, rising one above another in gentle ascent to the summit of a hill, which is crowned by the king's palace ; the interesting grounds between
Page iii - The Wonders of Nature and Art, or a concise account of whatever is most curious and remarkable in the world, compiled from Historical and Geographical Works, of established celebrity, and illustrated with the Discoveries of Modern Travellers, by the Rev.
Page 95 - and Kint-ching, a distance of some miles, being ornamented by a continuation of villas and country houses. To the north, as far as the eye can reach, the higher land is covered with extensive forests." About half a mile from this eminence the
Page 75 - the bark of which yields a gum resin which is regarded as the leading ingredient of the inimitable black Indian varnish. Besides the sweet China orange, there is a wild species peculiar to Japan, the Citrus Japonica. The European vegetation is mingled with that of southern Asia. The larch, the cypress, and the
Page 92 - N. and in 127 52' 1" of east longitude; this is its south-west point, the main body of the island extending from this north and a little easterly ; all the rocks about it are of coral, and immense masses, often of grotesque shapes, are seen
Page 77 - clothed with an animal body. The precious metals, gold and silver, abound in the empire of Japan. This was well known at one time to the Portuguese, and afterwards to the Dutch, who exported considerable cargoes. Gold is found almost everywhere ; but, in order to keep up its value by scarcity, there
Page 75 - 35 in January. The snow lies some days on the ground, even in the southern parts. Thunder is heard almost every night in summer ; storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes, are very frequent. The genial rains conspire with human labor and manure to overcome the natural sterility of the soil.
Page 80 - Horses' hides are manufactured into leather at this place in the manner of the Russians. The towns on the northern and western coasts of the island of Niphon are only known to us by name. The case is the same with those of the whole Island of Sikokf, which have not been visited by

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