Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Volume 3

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William Richard Cutter
Lewis historical publishing Company, 1908 - Middlesex County (Mass.)
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(VIII) William Chalmers Whitcomb, son of Simeon Whitcomb (7). was born February 9, 1820. He studied at Gilmanton Theological Seminary in 1847. He was licensed to preach in 1845. and was ordained May i. 185i. He settled in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and afterwards was pastor at Southbridge, North Carver and Lynnfield. Massachusetts. He was commissioned by Abraham Lincoln in July, 1862. as chaplain of hospitals in and around Newbern, North Carolina, and served as chaplain until his death, October 29. 1864. While the yellow fever plague was raging, he was in Portsmouth. North Carolina, a year, and afterwards at Moorhead City, North Carolina, where he died. He married, May 1, 1851.  

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I have not read this book, but I have referred to it on-line. In particular I'm interested in my HUTCHINSON and CROSBY ancestors of Charlestown and West Cambridge, MA. In my opinion
the author had the wrong parents for my ancestor, Simeon CROSBY, and other wrong information on him. My educated-guess is that Simeon's father was Jessaniah CROSBY of Billerica, MA, and Simeon was born in 1761 in Billerica. And, the author says that Simeon died in 1818 in Cambridge, NY, but Simeon would have died in Cambridge, MA, where he lived.
But, what I am curious about is that the author listed the children of Simeon and Lydia (FROST) CROSBY as: Simeon, Jr., Isaac, Samuel, Jesse, and John. (5 sons) But, most researchers only list one son of Simeon and Lydia, their son, John, b1797. So, I'm going to write to the Cambridge Historical Society and the Arlington Historical Society and ask for their advice.
One note: West Cambridge became Arlington, MA, in the mid-1800's. And, West Cambridge was not part of Cambridge, MA.
Another note: Most researchers don't know that the John CROSBY who had married Mary BUCKNAM had a 5th child. Most researchers only know about their 4 daughters. But this book does discuss their son, John Spencer CROSBY. So, researchers can use this book as a "source."
Betty (near Lowell, MA)


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